Dec. 23rd, 2016

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Bones and biscuits coat take two… #ravelry #knittersofinstagram

Dec. 23rd, 2016 02:25 pm
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Slime Cake

Poison Toffee Apples for Halloween

Purple People Eater Cocktail


Spooky Black Macarons


Ouija Board Cookies

Make Ferocious Werewolf Cake Pops: FREE Tutorial!

Howl at the MoonPie Cake

More Halloween recipes here!
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Ugh that post has gotten me thinking about fat acceptance in a way I haven’t in years. I’ve read more studies about weight and health than probably any other topic I’ve ever researched. And every time I see someone wail about health I am just like

Did you know that in post-mortem examinations there is zero correlation between weight and levels of arteriosclerosis and related diseases found?

Did you know that people with an overweight BMI have the longest life expectancy, that those with an “ideal” and an “obese” have about the same life expectancy, and that being “underweight” raises mortality rates more than being “morbidly obese”?

Did you know that losing weight and then gaining it back is worse for your heart than remaining at the weight you started consistently?

Did you know that 95% of people who lose weight do gain it back, and there has never been a single documented weight loss program that has been demonstrated to keep the weight off for five years or more in the majority or even a significant minority of people? Like, telling people to lose weight isn’t much use if we don’t know HOW to make that happen.

Like I have read The Obesity Myth by Paul Campos and Rethinking Thin by Gina Kolata and Big Fat Lies by Glenn A Gaesser (Ph.D!) And Fat!So? and several other books that I don’t own and so don’t remember all of their names I spent like four years reading every single study coming out and looking at the methodology and noting which ones had huge holes or terrible methods and which didn’t (the holes were almost always in the pro-weight-loss studies) and like

Big Fat Lies has 27 pages of bibliography. 27 pages worth of scientific citation. The book content itself is only 197 pages. That’s a page of references for every 7 pages of book. Reading the book is just reference after reference and study after study. Most of these doctors (like Linda Bacon, author of Health at Every Size) started out the same way. They wanted to use the scientific method to find a real weight loss program or health solution that worked and could be proven to work, and so studied everything they could about weight and fitness only to find out that we didn’t need weight loss in the first place. That all the studies calling for it were lacking or nonexistent. That weight and underlying metabolic health have very little relation. That the history of our relationship with health and obesity has little basis in fact and a LOT of basis in capitalism, politics, and fashion. No, really, the association between weight and health was first proposed by insurance companies looking for ways to charge people more by claiming risk. They also charged tall and short people more. And people with different skin colors. When they got in trouble for charging people for things they had no control over and had no bearing on their health, they set out to prove that weight was controllable and that fat was unhealthy to make money. 

These are also a lot of the same people who went on to invent the President’s fitness program, so if you went to public school you probably already hate them. 

Anyway, if you want a place to start reading about the issue, this article is a pretty good launching pad. 

This casual rant is like a primer on weight science. Amazing. I second their book recommendations, and would add to the list Body Respect by Drs Bacon & Aphramor, Body of Truth by journalist Harriet Brown, and What’s Wrong with Fat? by UCLA professor of sociology Abigail Saguy.

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btw… important PSA: cutting off the mold on the surface of food does nothing. you can only see the spores on the surface, but mold itself has spread and grown roots into the food. by the time you can actually *see* the spores, that piece of food is completely full of it. youre still eating mold. 

many of which are poisonous and have been shown to cause cancer. youre not even supposed to sniff it, because that can get spores into your lungs. like if you look up the health and safety guidelines for mold they barely stop short of telling you to put on a hazmat suit. 

like produce is okay as long as you cut around it at least an inch, but cooked foods? you gonna die. stop eating mold people 

does that include bread


it’s been linked to before but this is a good solid source

and there’s a lot of ‘whose doing this!?!??’ in comments

the answer is, unsurprisingly, poor people. poor people, and people who fear poverty, honestly

it’s horrible what that will do, how people will endanger themselves because of it, of fear of food scarcity

source for that: me, a lifetime of living under the poverty line and also being mentally ill


I have spent my whole life scraping mould off jam, cutting it off cheese, and eating the bits of bread with no visible mould even if the one next to it does. 

Because I can’t afford not to. 
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like, the welsh translation of harry potter gets loads of flak, but sometimes i am blown away by some things emily huws did

the way the muggle world and informal wizards uses ‘mistar/mrs’ but the hogwarts staff call everyone ‘y bonwr/y fones’ (really archaic titles nobody uses any more)

the leaky cauldron getting translated as ‘y gogor-grochan’ (it sounds so cutesy and catchy and is literally ‘the sieve-cauldron’)

the fact she translated the sorting hat’s song and the potions riddle whilst keeping them rhyming

the fact that hagrid’s accent is translated as really really gog (northern welsh accent, and his is as thick as a brick)

jelly-legs jinx as ‘felltith y cwlwm-coes’ (keeps the alliteration, means ‘the knot-legs curse’)

the use of the word ‘hudoliaeth’ (more often used to mean 'glamour’ but sounds as if it means 'study or magic’ or 'magicology’)

names are translated so beautifully idc if you can’t recognise who’s who 

like seriously

oliver wood becomes orwig bedwyr ('bedwyr’ is an actual legitimate surname and is etymologically related to 'bedw’, meaning birch)

madam pomfrey becomes 'madam prysorwen’ which i’m not sure about the meaning but it sounds like a very traditional welsh name she sounds so old

the bloody baron is 'waldo waedlyd’ or 'bloody waldo’

w a l d o


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