Sep. 5th, 2017

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The slow languid malec kisses vs the urgent needy kisses
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“Christie had been obsessed with Star Wars since she was six. ‘There was something about all these misfits being put in strange environments. I remember watching Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia and thinking, “She’s different.” That’s why I campaigned so hard to be in the new Star Wars. It’s like a gift to my six-year-old self, a present to the past.’

Game of Thrones and Star Wars have huge numbers of passionate devotees, and at more than six feet three inches, Christie is inevitably noticed wherever she goes. ‘The fans are overwhelming sometimes,’ she says. ‘But the wonderful thing about when you’re met with that passion is that it’s an expression of love. Everyone’s so positive. And it’s wonderful, particularly when you love the project you’re involved in. But it won’t last forever.’”

- Harper’s Bazaar, July 2017
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The sort of strict bans on “unhealthy food” that some people push regarding food stamps could literally kill me.  I need a high sodium, moderate-high caffeine, red meat containing diet with a lot of pre-prepared foods, due to my odd combination of health conditions.  Dietary needs aren’t some simplified fucking chart for first graders, they’re complexly different for lots of different people, especially disabled people.

Paternalism towards poor people is not only repulsive and cruel, it’s literally fatal.  It’s violent.  People will starve because of it.  People will become malnourished because of it.  And people are already dying and being malnourished already.

A desire to micromanage every tiny aspect of poor people’s lives doesn’t indicate a concern for our wellbeing, it indicates a concern for control and power over us.

Do inform me on what health conditions you have that required you to need this amount I unhealthiness?

Do inform me what condition you have that requires you to be an invasive ableist asshole who thinks strangers owe you detailed explanations of their medical history?

Well, not detailed, but simply names of these illness, but since you asked so nicely I will :)
Red meat, caffeine, and pre-prepared foods (using the context of your post I’m going to assume pre-prepared food is frozen food you heat up in the microwave feel free to correct me though.) are very unhealthy and do more harm than good when not consumed in moderation. Caffeine (when more than 240mg is consumed) can increase your risk for heart disease or stroke, and raise blood pressure. Red meat contains high levels in saturated fat and cholesterol which also increases the risk for heart disease. As for pre-prepared meals (assuming we’re on the same page as mentioned earlier, if not please do correct me) they contain different ingredients than regular cooked food you prepare yourself so they’re able to last longer frozen. They also contain a lot of palm oil, and typically contain from 700-1800mg of sodium. They daily recommended amount is at the most 2300mg. All very unhealthy and do more harm than good. This is why I am very interested to find out what illnesses you have that require you to have a diet that gives you an insane risk for heart disease in order for you to keep yourself stable. This is why I want to know, because I am interested.

Not the other person, but someone with health problems that lead to an odd diet. I have vasovagal syncope and hypotension, so high sodium intake is good for my blood pressure because it’s usually actually really low, and increasing salt intake via diet is a healthier way of inching my blood pressure up than having to take medications that have lots of nasty side effects and increased risk of things like stroke. Straight up, my doctor – and a cardiologist – have advised me to eat a high salt diet. One’s a board-certified internal medicine doctor, the other is board certified cardiologist, and both of them went to good medical schools and had residencies at prestigious hospitals, so it’s not like they don’t know what they’re talking about. Low sodium diets are recommended specifically because of concerns of high blood pressure and related heart problems. If you have the opposite problems where everything is low, sodium is a good non-pharmaceutical way to raise your blood pressure.

If you don’t believe me, here. “Use more salt” and “drink more water” are recommended for hypotension. 

I also have gastroparesis, which mean a lot of healthy foods like fresh fruit and veggies are murder on your stomach and nigh-on undigestible. I’m at risk of getting bezoars and bowel obstruction if I try to eat a lot of fresh fruit and veggies. I do get to eat a lot of foods that are considered healthy, like chicken and whatnot, but since iron-rich food sources like leafy vegetables are tough to digest, I try to make sure I eat a lot of red meat for iron, since it can be stewed down in a crock pot even more than vegetables can be. (The toughness of meat is a lot easier to break down through long-term stewing than the cellulose content in veggies). Again, this diet was recommended to me by both a dietician and a board-certified gastroenterologist. To counterbalance the fat in the red meat, I make sure all the other meat I eat is low-fat. (So no pork, lots of chicken, some seafood, etc.) And I make sure I eat healthy fats like you get from oily fish and take Omega 3 supplements. 

The caffeine the other poster was talking about might be a low-grade way to manage migraines. Which…if they were taking meds for migraines, has caffeine in it anyway. Caffeine via a single cup of coffee a day is a hell of a lot cheaper than migraine medication that does basically the same thing. A med that treats migraines, that contains caffeine, (like fiorcet) costs way more per unit than a simple cup of Joe. (I’ve worked in pharmacy claims, trust me that shit gets expensive). And usually in migraine meds it’s paired with other medicines like acetaminophen, in a combo drug, that are bad for your liver long-term. 

Diets are not one-size-fits-all. There are reams of health conditions out there, some of which create situations where “unhealthy” foods are healthy for an individual. Certain diseases with iron intake issues, for instance, like some of the nastier forms of anemia, necessitate diets that have iron-rich sources of meat like red meat and animal liver as recommended diet items. This is from the National Institutes of Health. Most of the recommendations on the page suggest red meat for anemia and b12 deficiencies. It’s always possible to get leaner cuts of red meat (and to avoid ground meat) to compensate for the fat issues. For many of these diets, the person has to eat the diet that works and supplement with vitamins and supplements, because the problem is that bad. 

For my weird diet, the average daily diet my doctor recommends would be cream of wheat in the morning (something that’s just empty calories for many but easy to digest for me), maybe with some kind of pureed fruit. (I put pureed fruit baby food on a lot of things, and use the little baby food packets as snacks). A soup with starchy noodles (easy to digest) and high salt content for lunch (like chicken noodle). Maybe a low-fat smoothie as a snack (using yogurt or tofu), and some kind of beef stew in the crock pot for dinner. Sometimes if I’ve had trouble eating everything that day, and am low on calories, I supplement with something like Ensure. (which has high protein but also high sugar that would be bad for others).   

Unless you’re an actual medical professional, you need to rethink sticking your nose in other people’s business. I’ve worked in medical fields for the last 10 years, and have basically lived most of my life in that environment. I have family and friends that are doctors, pharmacists, and nurses. And anyone that works in medicine knows that what works for individual patients is highly variable. 

I’m serious, I’m not even going to pull that PA :) kinda shit I could be doing in this response, like you did to the other poster. As someone who has health issues, and also works surrounded by medical professionals, I think you’re way off the mark here. You just parroting back diet shit you’ve seen in the news. There’s a reason dietitians exist as a profession, and it’s because lots of different health problems necessitate wildly variable dietary needs, and many chronically ill people need help figuring out what works for their health problems.

And the more health problems you have, the more complicated and weird that diet might need to get to meet your needs.

For instance, I eat a lot of starches (pastas, potatoes, etc) because they’re easy to digest so they recommend that to people with gastroparesis, but my starchy diet could kill someone with diabetes. And the high fiber, low sugar, low starch, low salt diet my diabetic parents eat would have me throwing up and passing out on the floor. 

I don’t know the OPs conditions but here’s an easy guess at what might make someone have similar diet needs: 

- the red meat could be because of an anemic condition requiring high iron that can’t be accomplished through supplements alone (which is true for some of the more severe anemias) - the caffeine could be a way of managing migraines and also could help with low blood pressure. - the salt could also be because of low blood pressure. - easily prepared could be required because of mobility issues (such as some kind of physical impediment)  

Whether or not that’s the OP’s situation doesn’t matter? Because I’ve just painted a picture of someone that could easily exist. And the OP shouldn’t have to justify their opinion to you by disclosing personal medical information on the big, wide internet. That you’d try to get someone’s medical info instead of just understanding there’s a weird wild world of medical issues out there is fucked up and I’ve only volunteered mine to take a bullet for other people in the hopes I can educate you. 

You wanted  some insight, there it is. It’s not one sized fits all. It’s an individual juggling act.

^^^As someone else with complex medical issues who has a background in biology, and also worked in the nutrition field, and is pretty much a professional patient, I can assure you, ayye-leslerz-lmao, that you have no freaking idea what you’re talking about. 

I have auto-immune issues, immunodeficiency, and congenital cardiac problems that have caused a whole host of complicated health issues. 

I have gastropareisis, and other GI issues that make eating most “fresh” and “healthy” foods completely impossible on some days. Some days, I literally live on Luna bars, Jello, and coffee. 

I have neurological problems, and do you know what the suggested diet is for certain neurological problems? High fat. 

I also am in congestive heart failure, developing a resistance to beta-blockers, have a lung capacity around 60%, and poor gas exchange. It’s not exactly easy stuff to treat. 

The go-to medicine for controlling and stabilizing my blood pressure is not working, mostly because I have been on some form of it for the majority of my life, so my BP can go from low to or normal, to scary-go-to-the-ER-right-now high in an hour. Usually, when I go to the ER for blood pressure related symptoms, my electrolytes are totally not normal, because when you are in heart failure, it eventually ends up damaging your kidneys. So, when I get all that fun lab work done in the ER, it often reveals that I have both hyponatremia [low blood sodium] and proteinuria [high urine proteins].. and do you know what tends to work best to treat my high blood pressure? More sodium. 

It works so well that even my cardiologists have gotten on board because at this point, a sudden spike in my blood pressure can potentially do far more damage [because I also have a small tear in my aorta from previous surgery] than a slightly raised blood pressure day-to-day, and it actually helps with the fluid retention because it creates a balance of sodium in my blood stream. 

So, the diet that works best for me, as approved by my doctors, is higher in sodium and higher in fats than the average diet, with a moderate fiber intake that is derived from *shocker* processed foods because I can’t tolerate most fresh fruits and vegetables. I also drink pedialyte regularly to help balance my electrolyte and sodium intake. I am already on over 10 prescription medications, most of which make me a semi-functional zombie, so I drink coffee regularly just to make it through the day. 

Fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains, actually complicate my digestive issues causing vomiting and diarrhea, and when you already have piss poor sodium balance because you’re in heart failure with kidneys that hate you.. what you consider a “healthy” diet could literally kill me. 

And, if you think I’m being overly dramatic, I’m not. Hyponatremic hypertensive syndrome is a very real thing, and is acutely treated with a higher sodium diet. It can cause very high blood pressure that is incredibly dangerous for someone with pre-existing cardiac issues and abnormal heart rhythms. 

I am not currently on food stamps, but I have been several times, as every so often I take a LOA from work due to my health issues, which obviously leaves me with little or no income. If people, who have very little understanding of diet, nutrition, and complex health issues, were to restrict my access to processed foods, there would be very little that I would be able to eat. 

So, if you are not a dietitian or a doctor, then you should really have f*ck all to say about someone’s particular diet. Also, it is incredibly rude to ask about someone’s particular diagnoses. That is not anyone’s business, but that person and their medical team. 

You have a piss-poor understanding of diet and nutrition. Everyone’s body is different. 

I am literally in congestive heart failure and on what would be considered a “high sodium” diet.. and my doctors are very much aware of it because they suggested it several years ago. 

Food stamp restrictions aren’t about health. They’re about hating poor people and acting like they’re too unintelligent to know how to eat. Otherwise, they’d subsidize healthy food or implement more vigorous fda regulations for everybody, not punish only poor people with special dietary needs or heck who just want ice cream after a bad day.

this is a poster at my local hospital, advising patients what they should try to eat

for people in this ward, healthy foods include cake, ice-cream, fries, milkshakes, and pie, as many times a day as we can manage. fruit and vegetables aren’t important, but butter and custard are.

there’s no such thing as foods that are objectively healthy or unhealthy, because everyone has different physiological needs, and anyone who judges people for buying “unhealthy” food doesn’t realise how lucky they are to have never had complex dietary needs

Yep. I went to the doctor and got blood test and was told “you have a vitamin deficiency, you need to change your diet” Ugh. Okay. More fruit and veg, right? I thought I was getting better at eating healthily, but I guess I still slip up… “Nope. You need to eat lots of cheese, eggs, red meat, and Marmite/fortified spreads.”. 

There is such a thing as ‘eating too healthily’. There is no such thing as the ‘perfect’ diet. I’m another one that pro-actively treats migraines by drinking a certain amout of caffeine every day; I always have at least one bottle or can of full fat coke in the house just in case I start feeling one start. Don’t fucking judge people. When they say they need to eat a specific food for dietary reason AND HAVE TOLD YOU THEIR DOCTOR AND/OR DIETICIAN HAS RECOMMENDED IT, BACK. THE. FUCK. OFF. 
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Sikh men in Wonder Woman, pointed out by @amouria 

For more on the history of Sikhs in the World Wars:

I can’t believe Wonder Woman is more historically accurate than Dunkirk.
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Recently received this message. Let me be perfectly clear: I will not help you bypass someone’s consent. Manipulating someone into having sex with you, magically or physically, is RAPE. This isn’t even one of those sketchy love spell questions, this is a grown man asking how to get “any girl” to give him “passion and sex.”

So instead of a sigil, how about a curse?

Curse the Perve
This curse will only work on those who are truly slimy, scumbags. This is for all of the penis carrying population that feel entitled to other people’s bodies. This won’t work unless they are genuinely deserving of this.

What you will need
•a banana
•a knife
•red pepper flakes
•black thread
•somewhere to bury the banana after you’ve finished

Peel a banana and leave the peel about a quarter on. Take your knife and cut the banana length wise from center to the exposed tip. Place some of the red pepper flakes into the cut. Now, cut half an inch down from the center horizontally. Sever the banana completely, but make sure that the two halves lengthwise are still connected by about half an inch or so. Encrust the banana in red pepper flakes. As you do, use your intent to make the perpetrator’s penis burn anytime they even think of violating someone. Imagine them writhing in pain from the burn. After the banana is completely covered in red pepper flakes, place it back with the other half. You can carefully carve sigils with more of your intent into the peel, but this is not necessary. Pull the banana peel back over the whole thing and tie the tips with the black thread. Bind the banana in the black thread. As you wrap the thread around the banana, think of how you are binding this perpetrator from doing harm to others. Once the binding is done, bury the banana.

If you would like to help victims of sexual violence, consider donating to RAINN.

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Solar eclipse nails, inspired by some v cute illustrations, artist unknown
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The President charges his own Secret Service to use his golf carts.

The Secret Service also had to move out of their floors in Trump Tower because they couldn’t afford the lease.



The Secret Service is almost out of money. Trump spent in one year on travel what Obama spent in eight (not to mention profited off of it). They can’t afford to pay people their people to cover Trump’s huge family as they travel for work and go on vacation every week.

This is corruption.
This is unethical.
This is something we should all be mad as Hell about.

This was actually so insane to me that I figured I HAD to make sure it was real before reblogging it with no sources. It seems to be totally real.

(and there are many more if you googlefu, but most of them weren’t sources I particularly like or trust so I’m not linking them here.)

Anyway yes, this is like textbook corruption. This is our tax dollars at work, people! 
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“In order to run away with her new love, she stole the body of a dead nun, placed it in the bed of her lover, and set the room on fire to cover their escape”


And people say Opera Divas are boring

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