May. 9th, 2017

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just think about it:

- she gives ginny a stick and poke in their fourth year, the first tattoo she’s ever given anyone
- a tiny crescent moon on the inside of her forearm with magic color changing ink
- it tells ginny the weather, and glows when the weather is perfect for quidditch

- hagrid gleefully gets a tattoo from luna sometime in the fifth year
- on his inner ankle, a square of text tells him about the needs of the creatures around him
- he starts sitting with his ankle on his knee to more easily check it

- she gives harry a tattoo the summer before his eighth year
- a small horntail, but it moves from his chest to sit on his shoulder or cower in the crook of his elbow as it pleases
- it wakes him up from his bad dreams, and keeps him warm in the middle of the night

- she gives neville a tattoo before she was stolen into the malfoy’s manor
- it’s a ring encircling his middle finger
- the magic of it is simple, transforming into whatever word he needs to see most when he asks it

- seamus gets one not long after neville
- it’s a tiny bomb on his collar bone, ticking in time with dean’s heart

- hermione doesn’t want a tattoo at first, but as she grows closer with luna she asks for it very shyly in the middle of her eighth year
- it gently pulses with her heart on her shoulder blade, an hourglass on it’s side
- it will sometimes stand up and run sand, but only when hermione is very busy or stressed

- george asks for a tattoo that finishes his jokes, many years after the war, when he is an uncle and godfather
- luna refuses and instead gives him a non-magical tattoo, a china cup mended with gold over his heart

- draco, many years after luna is an established artist and healer, drops into her shop in diagon alley
- he asks her to fix his scar-slashed Mark, and she turns it into a sleeve of flowers, studded with snakes and turtles
- the flowers bloom with his moods, and shield him from hurting himself
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via Language of Flowers - Floriography:







Behold! The grand chart for flower language compiled by @hasty-touch & @halonic. After being introduced to it, a number of folks have taken to using bouquets, delivered within Ishgard (and perhaps without) to convey messages. Can confirm that House Pepin delivers discretely and provides excellent service.

:3 This is just a thing I compiled from loads of PDFs and stuff because I was going batty from flipping between 20 different browser tabs.

Since it’s publicly viewable now I may work on neatening it some over the next few weeks!

Once upon a time @hasty-touch and I somehow ended up screeching “FLORIOGRAPHY???” at one another, and then weeks later he and @halonic made this gem happen, and suddenly the sea of books and browser tabs parted, and I was at peace.
I never close this spreadsheet.  It is my home.  We are one.

(( Signal boosting because these are the most thorough nerds I’ve ever seen and this list is wonderful.I’ve referenced it countless times already! ))


This is the post I was looking for here! Thank you, @serpent-moon ! (It won’t let me tag you. WTF.)

Here’s a weird thing, though. So I searched for this post, didn’t find it, but the search brought up a blog about flower meanings. So I followed the blog, meaning to go through it and look for this post, because surely it’d have it, but also because, I mean, it seemed like a nice blog to follow.

Later, I refreshed my dashboard, and this very post came up, ZOMG, and from the blog I’d just followed, wow! Good thing I hadn’t wasted any time scrolling through it to look, right? So I brought it up to reblog it, and typed in some tag art, and when I clicked “post” it… brought up a notice that I couldn’t do that. Weird? I clicked through and… the post was deleted. 

So it was a darn good thing serpent-moon came through for me. But I just thought that was a super weird coincidence!
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On the difficult days,
    when the world’s
    on your shoulders,

remember that diamonds
    are made
    under the weight
    of mountains.


Beau Taplin • D i a m o n d s

(via afadthatlastsforever)
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when you have the PERFECT ROMANTIC SCENE ALL ENVISIONED AND EVERYTHING but then your fingers be like “he look into eyes. hot darn.”
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I carry this water bottle around on purpose because I know the kids will ask me why I have a pink one. This is how every convo has gone:

Kids: Mr.C Why do you have a pink water bottle?

Me: Because I like pink, why?

Kids: Pink is for girls

Me: Why?

Kids: ummmmmmm

Me: Do you know why it’s for girls?

Kids: No it just is

That’s when I go into a brief lesson about how pink is JUST a color (I am the art teacher so they think I am the authority on colors) for everyone.

As a teacher I am trying my hardest to re-educate these kids in the most non threatening way possible. It will take them a minute to understand that pink isn’t a “girl color”, but a color we can all love

I love you for this

erasing gender essentialism is MEGA IMPORTANT!

“I am the art teacher so they think I am the authority on colors”

Hello yes the color authorities are here we would like you to please stop gendering colors

Oh it’s an awesome way to do this!
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Big Boober Post #3




@fallingpanicdiscoboy @this-anime-life @neapolitankitkat BOOBER!!!!
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This is too real for America.

What’s worse is Lewis Tan has said that Marvel had him read for Danny but they ultimately chose Finn Jones, who admitted he got the job bc Balderdash Cucumber gave Marvel his name. LIKE, Y'ALL…

Ok, moreover, Lewis Tan’s dad is one the best stunt coordinators in fucking history. Do you really think that Phillip Tan would have fucking allowed a simple 1 min fight sequence to require 54 editing cuts? He literally would have come to visit his kid and then fired everyone on sight.

Bandicoot Cumberbund is out here ruining things he’s not even IN
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Lupin continued to stare at the map. Harry had the impression that he was doing some very quick thinking.

I really really wish they could have included more Marauder refs to the map in the movie, and letting David Thewlis have to squirm and struggle to say something more in front of Alan Rickman would have been hysterical.
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When you and your friend are on the same page


When you’re trying to show your friend something important

When two fans react differently to the same thing

When a fandom realizes they fucked up

When your celeb crush is doing THE FACE



When shit gets real

Dealing with TPTB

Being seductive

Fandom comebacks



When you’re 5634% DONE

When you’re trying to be helpful but the other person is being ridiculous

When you’re challenging an argument

When things DO get worse


My personal favorite



So The Road to El Dorado Fanlore page mentions the “Both is good” gif, but none of these gifs. Luckily, the stars are in alignment for adding them.
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uh that’s genius
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Scottish fold kitty called Hana from Japans has garnered over 250k followers on Instagram with her adorable big eyes.

Keep reading


Stop being so cute.  I am overwhelmed.
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I can understand some of the criticism of Jyn, but I’m deeply uncomfortable with criticism that obscures the childhood trauma she went through and the fact that she was a child soldier. She’s not an “apathetic liberal” - her mental detachment from and dismissal of the atrocities committed by the Empire is a defense mechanism. 

it’s a defense mechanism that is directly linked to her survival. this isn’t just a defense mechanism that is about coping with living under the empire. jyn erso being found by either the empire or the rebellion would lead to her being used as a bait, or hostage, or just killed. 

as much as I love the scene between saw and jyn for all it speaks to their relationship, its flaws, and jyn’s position in the galaxy, I think a lot of people took it literally. they heard “it’s not a problem if you don’t look up” and instead of critiquing and analyzing it or even considering why a person who starts out the movie locked up in an imperial prison would say that, they write her off as apathetic and indifferent. but even saw doesn’t believe jyn when she says it; he can see she’s saying it to hurt him and in the novelization, jyn says it explicitly to hurt him because of how he abandoned her. 

jyn had a place in the rebellion and then it was ripped away from her. the only rebel who would have her raised her, trained her to fight from the tender age of 8 years old, and then cut her out because her name made her a liability. she spends the years between saw abandoning her and the rebellion coming for her in hiding. she uses false names to protect herself, indicating she knew the empire and rebellion would both try to use her as a pawn. adopting a false name for more than just inspections or planet entry means she was protecting herself.

nobody gives han solo a hard time for not believing in the rebellion from the get-go, and even han is really only in the rebellion for luke and leia. jyn is back on board within a few days and yet she’s given so much flak. if you have a problem with jyn erso because of what she says to saw, you should also have a problem with the character who says these lines:

“it’s not that I like the empire, I hate it, but there’s nothing I can do about it right now. it’s such a long way from here.”

that would be one luke skywalker in star wars (1977) but somehow I doubt that people are going to tell me that luke was apathetic and indifferent and didn’t care about the rebellion. I wonder what the difference could be.

tl;dr people need to stop pretending that jyn is a privileged character in any sense of the word.

To add to the above fantastic meta, the Rogue One novelization expands the Saw-Jyn confrontation and reveals this (p 92):

“You were the daughter of an Imperial science officer,” Saw said. He spoke more gently than Jyn could bear. “People were starting to figure that out. People who wanted to—to use you as a hostage.“

Saw’s primary concern about Jyn’s heritage being revealed wasn’t that Jyn was a liability to him or to his operation. Jyn was a liability to Jyn herself.

It wasn’t the Empire who had uncovered Jyn’s identity. Otherwise, Saw would have held Jyn close to his side; there’d be no safer place. No, the implication is that Partisans were finding it out, and they wanted to do something Not Nice. Notice how he couched his words, as if trying to hide something or to soften a blow? “People who wanted to – to use you.”

There’s a wealth of meaning in that moment of hesitance.

Jyn, who had given herself to the cause for nearly a decade, who had become known as Saw’s top fighter, who had fought and lived and bled with her fellow Partisans – despite all this, the reaction from some of those very same Partisans to her being hidden from the Empire wasn’t “she’s proven to be one of us; we must continue protecting her from them.” It wasn’t even that they now doubted her loyalty (though there was probably a lot of debate and accusations around that). Would Partisans, known for their violence, have held an Imperial spy hostage? No, they would have tortured and killed them.

Therefore, this is the implication: some Partisans were planning to hold Jyn’s life hostage against the Empire (or just Galen himself) for concessions. Who knows what it was? Demands to withdraw from a planet or a stronghold? To provide money and weaponry? To kill certain Imperials? Something.

But Saw is the LEADER of the Partisans. His rule is LAW. So the fact he didn’t successfully shut down these suggestions implies that the idea had grown so much momentum that he couldn’t stop it. It would have caused a major, irreparable rift in his troops, and he would never have the certainty that someone wouldn’t go behind his back.

I’m not saying Saw didn’t fuck up in how he handled the Jyn situation. Like, give the girl at least a little heads-up before abandoning her to rathtars. But Saw truly believed that it was safer for Jyn to be alone and abandoned than to continue being a Partisan.

(And - imagine if Jyn had known that. Had learned what was being said of her, what was being planned and schemed. That the people she might have at least loosely considered a second family, a second home, would rather sell her off to the Empire than protect her from it. Maybe that’s why Saw hadn’t told her anything; maybe he was trying to protect more than just her life. Maybe he was trying to protect her heart.)

(He clearly failed in THAT regard, but… imagine.)

Reblogging to add @stooperman ‘s comments:

“All of this.

When Jyn says, “It’s not a problem if you don’t look up,” we’re not meant to take her words at face value, because Jyn doesn’t believe them herself. Not really. Those are not only words explicitly engineered to hurt Saw, but also the words of the detached survivor she’s trying so hard to be. If you look at her face, at the delivery of the line, nothing about any of that screams conviction.

People who take that line literally miss the point of Jyn’s arc in this movie. Jyn’s story is one of reclamation – of herself, her faith, and her sense of purpose – and with that, she starts to find her way back home.”

Reblogging to add @unstable-reality wonderful comments on the metapost! 

I want to add something to this:

The novelization also makes explicit the fact that Jyn’s assignment to Wobani is a death sentence. They work you until you die.

She’s a twice-abandoned traumatized child soldier who spent six years as a homeless drifter, scraping by within the margins of society, trying to keep her head down, who gets plucked by the Rebellion out of the Imperial equivalent of a gulag, and yet…


There are people who decline to fight for the greater good because they’re comfortable and apathetic, or because they’re removed from the struggles of those around them, absolutely.

There are also people for whom being able to fight is a luxury. Their day-to-day is so rife with struggle that it’s all they can do just to survive.

Jyn is much, much closer to belonging to the second group than to the first (which is part of why she and Cassian are both right during their argument on Eadu). She’s not blind to the reality of the Empire; she’s lived it. She’s been living it, arguably from the age of 4, when her parents fled Coruscant.

Wonder what the difference could be, indeed.

Not only was this explicitly portrayed as a flaw, something she overcame…which is it’s own message. But Jyn consistently showed (even if there is debate on “how dedicated” she was to the cause) that she cared for people. After meeting Churrit and Baze literally in maybe a span of 30 minutes and thrust into a mission with Cassian and k2, when Saw’s rebels  “anyone who hurts my friends will answer to me”. Also considering the state of the world today sometimes people on this planet want to ignore the cause.

and even the rebellion was fractured (the council scene?) they were ready to give up when they heard the news that the death star was working. The only people on the base who really believed in the cause was the rogue one squad and the rebels who came with them to Scaif. The pilots who came to assist them later on in the battle only came because they knew they had to get the plans and wanted to back the initial band of rebels who got there first and disobeyed orders.  

I’m sure if my family were killed by both the Empire and Rebels I would be less likely to help either side (at least at first) and I’m sure a lot of people would do the same
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cuddly / platonic-ish memes

“your feet are cold.”

“movies are made for watching, not for asking questions.”

“you’re hogging the blankets!”

“we should cuddle… for warmth.”

“is that your hand on my leg?”

“scoot over.”

“can we watch something else? this is scary.” 

“are you shivering?” 

“if you start snoring, i won’t be responsible for what happens to you.”

“did you eat all the popcorn?”

“your hair keeps getting in my face.”

“are you even wearing pants??”

“stop kicking me!”

“you’re a good pillow.”

“do i look like a foot-rest to you?”

“do i look like a pillow to you?”

“i’m cold.”

“why can’t you ever just lay still?”
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So I rewatched rogue one last night (finally) and let me tell you…

There is no good reason for the whole team to have died it literally happened because the writers/producers are sadistic assholes who think that the death of main characters is the only way to make a movie //gritty// and //real//

Whereas honestly the movie was already super fucking gritty and tbh it would have been more compelling to know some of all of the team lived on and were going to have to deal with the mental turmoil that people who go through war often face. (Like all the fucking fantastic fanfics that do go on to address this.)

Also all those deaths were just clunky and illogical af. They honestly only did it because they thought they had to.

And just, yeah. Fuck the writers or whoever got to make that decision. Y'all trying to be //deep// by killing people off just shows your lack of critical thinking and creativity.

Okay, I don’t want to start an argument, but I want to explain why (as much as I hate it) I think the entire crew dying was completely logical and, really, necessary for the movie. 

From what I understand (from both the movie and novelization) pretty much no rebels that went into Scarif (either with Rogue One or the support troops the rebellion sent in) made it. They were vastly out numbered (both by Stormtroopers and by machinery that Rogue One could not bring with them) in an Imperial facility… Essentially, all the rebels fighting on the beach (Baze and Chirrut included) were pawns that acted as a distraction to give Cassian and Jyn time to steal the plans. From the beginning, the idea of a rogue attack on an Imperial base was a suicide mission; no one on that shuttle thought it was anything else. Baze consciously recognizes this in the novelization (”If a fraction of a second was all Baze had left to give Jyn Erso, it was better than no gift at all”). The rebels on the beach were falling left and right, and it would have been illogical for a bunch of red shirts to die, but somehow have Baze and Chirrut to survive, especially when Bodhi needs them to run out into the middle of blaster fire to change the master switch. 

Speaking of Bodhi, as much as I love him, he is not a solider. It takes all his courage to run out into the battle to connect the line from the ship to the comm panel. The only reason he survives as long as he does in the battle is because he was sheltered inside the shuttle. Now, why would some random Stormtrooper decide to throw a grenade one of their own shuttles? A couple of reasons, actually. One: they just watched Bodhi run through the battle (protected by the rebels, even though he’s in an Imperial uniform) and back into the ship. He’s probably not on their side. Two: I’m not certain how organized they were inside the citadel tower, but if they were trying to find where a bunch of rebels came from, Rogue One was likely one of the last ships to pass through the shield gate before the attack began. It wouldn’t be hard for some commander to put the pieces together that the rebels had come in on a stolen shuttle and arrange a squadron specifically targeting it. In short, Bodhi’s hiding place was compromised, with his ability to survive (and the rest of Rogue One’s method of escape) being compromised with it. 

What about inside the citadel tower? I’ll start with K-2SO. He died in service to Cassian, his reprogrammer, the man which his loyalty truly belongs to. Where the rebels on the beach were the distraction, meant to draw Stormtroopers away from what Jyn and Cassian were doing, K-2 was the last line of defense. By this point, the Imperials (Krennic and the base commander included) have realized that the data vault has been broken into, so their (logical) response is to send in Stormtroopers to stop rebels from stealing any plans. In the novelization, Kay even goes through the numbers about each different scenario (which I, unfortunately, don’t have on me to quote). He realizes there is no possible scenario in which he, Jyn and Cassian all escape alive. Instead, he calculates that sacrificing himself gives Jyn and Cassian the best chance, not to survive, but to get the Death Star plans to the Rebel Fleet. As stated throughout the movie, the droid is all about the cold, hard facts of a situation. He doesn’t particularly care about dying (if a droid even has a concept of death); he prioritizes the success of the mission over everything else. Locking Jyn and Cassian in the data vault and dying at the hands of an overwhelming number Stormtroopers makes perfectly logical sense. 

Next: Jyn and Cassian. To be completely honest, I almost think it’s more illogical that Cassian managed to survive that fall in the data vault and get up to save Jyn from Krennic. Granted, I’m thankful he did, because I’m not sure I would have stopped screaming in agony if Cassian Andor had died on a cold, metal platform all by himself. Now, I’ve heard plenty of people complaining that Jyn and Cassian went straight for the beach when they left the tower because, surely, there had to be a ship somewhere for them to steal, a way to escape. But I don’t think that’s true. All the rebellion’s ships would have fled Scarif at the sight of the Death Star and/or Star Destroyers above the planet (they have no way of knowing if Jyn and Cassian are still alive), or otherwise been shot down on the surface of the planet. Finding an Imperial ship would have meant trekking back through the facility (which is still filled with people wanting to shoot Jyn and Cassian). With how injured both Jyn and Cassian were, it would have taken far too long; the Death Star’s blast likely would have destroyed the base before they located a ship, little lone before Cassian (still grievously injured) could get it into hyperspace. So, instead of spending their last minutes panicking and focusing on an impossible escape, they went down to the beach and greeted their death on their own terms, content to be in each other’s arms. 

Don’t get me wrong… I would have loved for them all to have survived. (Honestly, have you read my fics? I’m horrifically obsessed with the crew surviving.) However, I stand by the fact that killing the entire crew – both the characters we had come to love during the course of the movie, and the rebels who don’t get names but join them all the same – was the correct decision for the writers to make. It wasn’t to be “gritty” and it wasn’t “clunky”. Maybe the writers could have manipulated the plot so that they could have survived, but Rogue One didn’t have time to craft a detailed plan of their infiltration of Scarif; surviving through a complex series of plans wouldn’t flow. 

I hope you don’t think I’m trying to be rude (I’m really not!) but I just wanted to explain why I think Rogue One’s ending was the best of all the options the writers considered. 
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Little is known about the origins of this practice, although there is some unfounded speculation that it is loosely derived from or perhaps inspired by ancient Aegean notions about bees’ ability to bridge the natural world with the afterlife.
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….and then they came for me and there was no one to speak for me
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Everyone always makes me feel bad for being polyamorous so reblog this if you support polyamorous people

Do whatever makes you happy, as long as everyone knows the deal.

You do you and I’ll do me.
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Why do people make shit arguments against queer representation by saying things like, “The percentage of LGBTQ people in the population isn’t that high.” Well neither is the percentage of vampires, but we see plenty of them in our media don’t we?

Reblog if you’ve seen more vampires in the media than lgbt+ people

I’ve seen more vampires live and get happy endings. 
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It is very important that the language in your novel reflects the time and place in which the story is set.

For example, my story is set in Italy. My characters would never “ride shotgun”, a term coined in US in the early 1900s referring to riding alongside the driver with a shotgun to gun bandits. 

Do your research! A free tool that I found to be very useful is Ngram Viewer. 

You can type any word and see when it started appearing in books. For example…one of my characters was going to say “gazillion” (I write YA) in 1994. Was “gazillion” used back then?

And the answer is…YES! It started trending in 1988 and was quite popular in 1994.

Enjoy ^_^

This is really important, especially because language can change in very unexpected ways. 

For example, did you know that before 1986 people never said “I need to”?Instead, they were far more likely to say “I ought to”, “I have to”, “I must”, or “I should”.

Don’t believe me?

Anyway, most people won’t notice subtle changes like that. But your reader will notice and be confused when characters in your medieval world use metaphors involving railroads and rockets.

One of the things you can do besides use Google Ngrams is to read books or watch movies written in the time period you want to set your story. The key here is that they can’t just be set in that time period, they have to have been made in that time period.

Also, there’s a Lexicon Valley episode on this very topic which I highly recommend. It’s called Capturing the Past. 
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This is a little short notice, and unfortunately cutting it really close, but we haven't had contact from our promised actor in a while, and it’s three episode arc. If you fit the role, please send auditions to

Send any format, and give us a couple readings of these lines:

-  Michelle! Lucas! You two need to move this somewhere else before you take the entire town with you!

-  Alright, alright, stories of haunted ghost trains and so forth… Well, it sounds like one of you is already familiar with the old stories so I guess you don’t need the tour.

- (With Chagrin)Call it a bit of regretful nostalgia. Someone’s got to remember the awful end to that feud.

Please state your name, age, and whether you are local (in the Gainesville, FL area), or not. Thank you!

And those of you who do not fit the description, please boost this, as we’re in a bit of a bind.

Auditions end 5/18/2017

Crossroad Stations is looking for a trans Latina VA! Hop on over to audition, or signal boost to help them fill the role!

I don’t know y’all but I know people who might know people around here; I’ll post this on FB
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