Dec. 20th, 2016

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carecen la // center for community change // immigration center for women and children  // american civil liberties union // esperanza immigrant rights project // national immigration law center // kids in need of defense 

other orgs you can help by volunteering/donating: campaign zero (anti police violence) // council on american-islamic relations (support for muslims) // showing up for racial justice (fighting racism)  // friends of the earth (an environmental group) // nextgen climate action (fighting climate change)  // rape, abuse, & incest national network (combating sexual violence) // planned parenthood (healthcare and education) 
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People of Tumblr!  Are you American?  Or share the same planet as Americans?  Are you consequently stressed the fuck out about this upcoming Tuesday?  Please consult the following links for some anxiety-relieving warm fuzzies.

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For future reference (Tuesday evening)
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“if you want more LGBTQIA media, then you should be creating it yourself!!!” 

listen, i am a potato completely lacking in creativity, now please just give me more WLW romance where nobody dies, preferably in a sci-fi/fantasy atmosphere 

I love potatoes, and I have recs for you! Links are to my reviews, and my own books, which are fluffy high fantasy with lots of f/f and a dragon, are here if you’re interested.

DAUGHTER OF MYSTERY: Religious magic, swordfights, & manners in upper-class 1800’s fake Germany. Full of plot twists and schemes. Sequel: THE MYSTIC MARRIAGE: first book’s couple is still happy and very important to plot but now we get a new f/f couple too including a demisexual woman. This one’s about 19th century lesbian scientists doing alchemy with magic rocks. There’s a third book coming out this November.

ASCENSION: queer disabled ladies in space, fighting Big Pharma & learning to get along. MC is a stowaway mechanic. There is poly of the “my girlfriend also has a girlfriend, who has a boyfriend” variety.

THE LONG WAY TO A SMALL ANGRY PLANET: adorable ensemble cast having adventures in space; the f/f romance is only a side plot but it involves the main character and one of her crewmates.

PROMISES, PROMISES: Parody of LotR/D&D starring three lesbians on A Typical High Fantasy Quest for impossible objects

FIERCE FAMILY anthology: SFF short stories about queer families. Includes a LOT of two-mom families (in space, in dystopian Australia, in a magic cave…etc.)

THE CYBERNETIC TEA SHOP: sweet f/f romance between outmoded android and repair tech.

OUT OF HER DEPTHS: Mermaid tries going to human high school for a bit

FAIREST: Dark love triangle (of sorts) between Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Cinderella. Has a happy ending, don’t worry.

THE ULTRA FABULOUS GLITTER SQUADRON SAVES THE WORLD AGAIN: superhero team of both trans and cis women going on missions. Has a lot of origin stories and includes f/f.

SCREAMING DOWN SPLITSVILLE: Girls with superpowers fall in love while escaping the lab that was experimenting on them. Set in alternate magical 1950s.

Some free short ones online: THE CAGE: lesbians rescuing a werewolf baby from anti-werewolf agenda humans, and THE SCRAPE OF TOOTH AND BONE: steampunk at a fossil dig, includes a robot battle & dinosaur ghosts! Autistic MC written by autistic author.

ALL of these stories – mine and other people’s – have the women alive and together at the end.

I’m not entirely sure whether the end of The Abyss Surrounds Us counts as together or not since it read as “together” to me but other reviews made it sound like it wasn’t? But that’s another very solid f/f sci-fi rec. (Review.)

A hero emerges. 

Ive always hated this argument. Not every straight cis person creates their own media, but the second someone wants LGBT and/or poc media they should do it themselves or stop complaining

Right?? Thank you. I did “make it myself” and it doesn’t solve everything because works by marginalized creators often don’t have the signal boosting support they need to reach the audience that wants them. That’s why I’m so passionate about putting up posts like this – I would be willing to bet more of the readers wanting 19th century costume drama fantasy with lots of happy f/f relationships don’t know about the Daughter of Mystery series than DO know. For example. So creating it is only the first step.


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