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she emotionally manipulated a man so strung-out and wracked w/ the very clear symptoms of severe PTSD to continue fighting (even when in the scene leading up to this he was clearly incapable of doing even that) against his will

Name three other scenes, hell name two, where she shows manipulative or deceitful tendencies. And you don’t get to use her training behind her mothers back, because frankly there’s not a single person in the world who hasn’t done that at least once.

You know, of all the things about this movie, his part was the strangest. Like, it seemed like he was going to have an arc - he’s the best sniper around, he’s too traumatized by PTSD to shoot, the natural next step to that should have been a scene where his sniping saves someone’s life but it never comes. I mean, sure he stays and fights the last battle but they never really show that he’s this amazing sniper like they claim.

Okay but like… people in real life don’t just miraculously get over PTSD.  He probably WAS an amazing sniper, one Steve had worked with and that Steve a) knew would be available, and b) hoped would be able to push through and snipe anyway.  

But he wasn’t able to push through.  He fought, yes, but he wasn’t able to snipe.  Diana believing in him, and his desire to do the right thing under it all, these things were likely strong motivators in his actions in the latter parts of the film, but they didn’t cure his PTSD because PTSD doesn’t work that way.

Just because it’s a common narrative trope doesn’t mean that it’s at all accurate.  And just because a character doesn’t miraculously and dramatically overcome their trauma at the end of the film doesn’t mean that character didn’t have an arc.  His arc was one that so so so many soldiers went through in WWI - deep-rooted trauma that would stay with them for the rest of their lives, that no one would talk about and that most people considered to be a failing on the part of the traumatized soldier.

@taliasturm: right, what a horrible thing to do, emotionally manipulate a man with severe PTSD who thinks that therefore he’s nothing but a liability into believing that maybe he still has worth and is still valued by his friends even if he can’t be in combat anymore

she just straight up told him “we still want you with us even if you don’t fight,” how did you miss that
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