Jun. 19th, 2017

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there’s a portrait of cedric diggory in the hufflepuff common room.

nobody knows who painted it. the other houses speculate, but the hufflepuffs know not to ask, because that’s not really what’s important.

it’s one of the moving ones, of course. sometimes cedric isn’t in it - it’s said that the portrait has a twin, over amos diggory’s fireplace, and cedric always loved his father. but he’s there enough, smiling down at the hufflepuffs who congregate in the common room, watching them as they go about their lives.

the portrait is by the door, next to one of the overstuffed yellow chairs. students sit there to talk to cedric, with some modicum of privacy. at first, it was his friends, the people who knew him and miss him and love him. but as time went on it became those who knew him by reputation. kids seeking advice, help with homework. someone to talk to, on a long and cold night. gradually, he became a legend, spoke in hushed whispers to the first-years as they came in. if you’re ever in trouble, talk to cedric. he’ll always help you.

after the battle of hogwarts, when the furniture was mended and the new students hesitantly made their way in, there was another portrait next to it, of hufflepuff’s favoured daughter. tonks, known by one name only, blew painted bubbles from her world of acrylic and canvas. while students came to cedric for help and advice, they came to tonks to ask questions. she would tell the most wicked stories, and some of them were even true. when someone needed cheering up, when they were wanting to brainstorm their next epic prank, they went to tonks.

she wasn’t always there, either. another portrait above a cot, where a baby with shocking blue hair could look at it and laugh. but when she was, she was always happy to have people come to her. when they did, it felt like she wasn’t just paint and canvas. she felt alive.

hufflepuffs look after their own, you see. dead or alive.

This is so heartwarmining. I wish it would work this way in rl too.
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Bring on the biracial thunder babies.

#still all about that thororo

Thororo is the best ship name ever.

I ship this SO hard. 

This is possibly one of the greatest pieces of comic art ever made.

I never knew I needed this ship in my life
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i just read joss whedon’s entire wonder woman script and… it’s horrifying. it gets way worse than the screencaps i’ve seen. i italicised the worst parts that might be triggering. (mostly abuse, sexual harassment)

he completely skips diana’s backstory; the film starts with steve crashing the plane

steve doesn’t get saved by diana; instead he is taken to hippolyta, who wants to kill him

the story in general is told from steve’s pov

the descriptions of the women’s bodies are just pure male fantasies

i’m literally on page 18 right now and so far steve has been straight up a sassy asshole, interrupted diana, and guilt-tripped her by telling her that she makes his imminent death about herself, which she never did, then he ‘jokingly’ asks her out, gets rejected, and then says, “’let’s keep in touch’ is actually american for ‘get the hell out of my face’” 

diana then demands a trial by combat and physically fights her own mother to save steve

we are given no actual reason why she leaves themyscira, she never says it’s because she wants to stop the suffering of innocent people

i’m on page 28 and so far steve has had 10 times more lines than diana

diana gets called a whore by a soldier and when she wants to defend herself steve tells her to “shut up”

another soldier calls her a “tasty looking girl”

the first time whedon calls her a hero is after she knocked out some random soldiers

diana is called a “stupid bitch”

whedon calls random women running out of their houses trying to save themselves whores 

men keep calling diana “princess” in a condescending way

steve says he thinks diana is dangerous but he’s still attracted to her and wants her to “turn around so i can see more of you naked” and apparently diana finds that charming and “tries to hide a smile”

again, diana is called a bitch

“two thin supermodel types come up to him”

aaaand diana is called a bitch again. seriously you could make this a drinking game

“then she moves her leg back and turns, fluidly, a curve rippling up her body as she folds into a dance that is sensual, ethereal and wicked sexy” (whedon explicitly states that the men are staring at her)

“hot girl-on-swan action” is an actual thing that is said

diana is basically just a damsel in distress and steve has to keep saving her

when diana actually saves him for once, steve says “i hate this a lot”

steve to diana: “and it never occured to you that you’re the reason it’s getting worse?”

steve throws a hissy fit because he has an inferiority complex

“you’re not a hero, diana. you’re a fucking tourist.”

apparently diana only speaks english

when she is weakened by a fever, some men grab her and touch her inappropriately before they realise that she’s sick and apparently they don’t want to infect themselves so they push her into a pit instead (what the fuck? what. the. FUCK.)

“diana standing, legs wide”

on page 104 of 116, diana finally gets her suit (according to whedon that’s what makes her a superhero: “diana is a superhero now”)

steve admits he’s an idiot and diana kisses him

“your whole life on an island with women, and you can kiss like that?” followed by diana implying that she’s kissed women and steve actually says out loud that he’s picturing it, and he’s turned on by it

the movie ends with that.

we dodged more than a bullet with this, we dodged a fucking nuke. also, bless patty jenkins.

Joss needs to stop trying to make movies and people need to stop saying he’s the only male director that makes strong female characters, he just happened to luck out with Buffy and there were some seriously messed up things he did with her character too.
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hǎi shì shān méng (海誓山盟)

@sarkastically, this gives me Baze/Chirrut feels. 
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Social experiment time!

If you’re a cis woman and you can see this post, reblog it. Reblog it if you don’t hate trans women, or think we’re all confused men obsessed with vaginas.

I wanna see where this goes.

(realizing that I probably don’t have many cis women following me atm, I’m not sure how this will work)
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