Apr. 21st, 2017

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My mother has just finished delegitimizing my sexuality, saying I’m “probably the only one who believes this”. Let’s prove her wrong, shall we?
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Carrie was an utter gift.

I normally don’t like to add to posts, but this is just one of my favorite things about her. I guess Carrie Fisher just carried glitter everywhere, because she did the same thing at Indiana Comic Con when she was there in 2015. She actually kinda got in trouble because she was taking so long with each person who came for autographs because she wanted to “baptize them” with her glitter. She wanted to make sure that everyone who saw her got some glitter.

tldr; she was truly a gift and i sobbed at work when i got a notification that she passed, and i’m crying now as i type this.

So what if we all picked a day and wore glitter for her? 

Next May the 4th seems appropriate.  Dedicate Star Wars day to the original princess?


I am so on board with glitter for Carrie day.

She talked about how her therapist (I think it was in her book Shockaholic but I can’t check right now) always knew when she was having an ‘off’ time in her head depending on how much glitter she’d show up wearing to appointments. It was her way of making the world sparkle and shine even when it felt dark. It made her feel better. Evidently she wanted to share that with others.

I purposely went out and bought glittery body dust in her honor. I’m going to welcome in 2017 lit up like a firework. Ain’t none of y'all going to ever be able to hug me ever again without getting covered in glitter. It’s on. We’re doing this. And on May 4th we’re going to make the world shine.

For Carrie.

Glitter for Carrie Day is May 4, 2017. Spread the word.

Reminder to wear glitter for Carrie on May 4th!!
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do dogs know that they’re cute?

actually!!! dogs can somewhat understand cuteness!!!

in Moscow, homeless dogs send the cutest members of their group to beg for food. so dogs understand the basic concept of cuteness, at least. which leads me to wonder if dogs get insecure about how cute they are.

if there are any dogs reading this, i want you to know that you are adorable and i love you!!! yes, even you!!

this is the most important post on this site
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do you ever just wonder how far ahead you’d be in life if you didnt have a mental illness or if your family wasn’t dysfunctional or if that one tragic thing never happened and it just fucks you up??
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I kind of really needed this…

This actually made me feel better

Especially the black one.

I needed this today
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Sonam Kapoor for Shehla Khan
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man am i about to blow your mind when i tell you what the B in LGBT stands for
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Apr. 21st, 2017 01:59 pm
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“I identify as straight, but Colin Farrell, you–Here’s what happens. You say publicly ‘I identify as straight’ and then you meet Colin Farrell and you say ‘You know, what are labels?’.”
- John Ross Bowie during his five solid minutes of gushing about Colin Farrell and how handsome he is. (Pardcast-A-Thon 2017, Hour 11)
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no i dont want to be a billionaire to live a lavish lifestyle i want to be a billionaire to be financially secure and have enough money to give people things and support charities and fund kickstarters and leave hundred dollar tips

My lavish dream lifestyle: 200% tips at IHOP and throwing struggling artists a couple hundred bucks to sketch my latest asshole OC. I buy my cats better food. I get new underwear twice a year, including a new bra. I have my jeans hemmed, and buy name-brand crackers. Nobody I know ever has to worry about a vet bill again. I quietly bankroll surgery and binders and electrolysis for every struggling trans person on Tumblr. The zoo near me builds a 300% larger reptile house and names it the Wigglesworth Von Snakeface Rept-o-Rama, and I hire a Great Dane ninja to shit on Trump’s Hollywood star every day and post the picture to Facebook and Twitter. Snakes manifest in nazis’ houses. They are made of red-hot chains and never stop screaming. My skin is clear. I sit on my front porch and drink tea. Someone hands me a hamburger.
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I’m making a general call out to all you creators of beautiful fanart out there: Give me Nichelle Nichols as Spock.


Here’s a quick version from me. I tried to give her a very Vulcan-like hair do, because the Vulcan girls get real creative with their hair, but also keep it military professional…Though when you look at Yeoman Rand’s hair…

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In 1912 Alfred
Wegener proposed a controversial theory about how the Earth’s land masses
formed. He said the great continents had once formed a single landmass, which
had broken up over time. The idea went against all conventional ideas, and was
roundly dismissed.

It took the
work of young cartographer Marie Tharp to prove him right.

In 1947, she
worked on a team that were running expeditions around the world, mapping the
ocean floors with echolocation. However, Marie wasn’t allowed on the missions because
women were seen as ‘bad luck’…

But the work
she did back at the university was invaluable. Converting endless data into
detailed profiles, she realised that the ocean floor isn’t a flat, featureless
plane, but a complex, varied landscape.

importantly, she spotted a long, V-shaped valley in each of her profiles: a
rift valley that supported Wegener’s theory, formed by two land masses moving
apart, splitting the ocean floor in two.

But even with
this evidence, Tharp’s ideas were dismissed as ‘girl talk’.

She then
realised that her profiles tied in with worldwide earthquake maps being
developed by a colleague.

The mounting
evidence started to convince some sceptics, but not all. Renowned explorer
Jacques Cousteau was so unconvinced that he sent an expedition to film the
ocean floor and clear things up once and for all. What did his footage show?
Exactly what Tharp had predicted.

steadfast determination had paved the way for Wegener’s continental drift
theory to gain traction. As the tide of opposition waned, it gave birth
to our modern understanding of plate tectonics and secured Tharp’s
position as one of the most outstanding cartographers of the 20th century.

Watch the full story on our YouTube channel.

Once again I am filled with awe for a brilliant woman and disgust that I’ve never heard her name before today.

There is a fantastic bit about her in one of the Neil Degrasse Tyson episodes of Cosmos - I can’t remember which one off the top of my head, unfortunately.
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Whether it’s the one who’s doing the least or the one who only shows up for pictures, these are the 12 types of allies you’ll meet.
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People need to realize that there’s a difference between straight people and Straight People™

Straight person: Hey, you got a new haircut. Looks really good.

Straight Person™: No homo, but your haircut looks good on you.

In case you were confused 👌

Just like how there are white people who are gay and then there are the White Gays

White people who are gay: “I’m gay.”

White Gays: “I can’t believe I got accused of racism after calling that person a racial slur! I mean, I know what racism looks like because I’ve been discriminated for my sexuality. How is me being racist even possible? I’M GAY!”

Lmao all the angry White and Straight people in the comments, keep reblogging

neurotypical: i don’t have any mental illnesses or disordersNeurotypical™: Happiness is a choice!! ✨✨Have you tried yoga? Drink more water and eat kale ✨✨

cis person: i identify completely as my assigned gender
Cis Person™: It doesn’t matter what you identify as, cause you still have Female Genitals! I’m not being offensive!! Read a book on Human Biology! 🚹🚺

men: I identify as male.

Men™: feminazis ruin everything, get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich bitch

atheists: I don’t believe in god or identify with a religion

Atheists™: Don’t fucking talk to me if you believe in God. Open your closed-fucking-minds!! (usually targeted towards Christians)

nice guys: hey I know when not to invade someone’s space and I totally respect boundaries


this post got all kinds of better since I last saw it

This post is perfection across the board.

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First Look at Tomm Moore’s New Film, ‘Wolfwalkers’

Cartoon Brew reports: Tomm Moore’s first two features, Cartoon Saloon’s The Secret of Kells

Song of the Sea,
cemented his status as a storyteller and filmmaker of the first class,
while boosting Ireland’s animation scene into the global limelight,
earning him two Oscar nominations and countless other accolades. Now,
with Wolfwalkers, Moore is ready to deliver what he describes as the “final panel of our Irish folklore triptych.”

It’s an idea that Moore has been developing for years. Wolfwalkers
tells the story of 11-year-old Robyn Goodfellow, a young apprentice
hunter who comes to Ireland with her father to wipe out the last pack of
wolves. Her life changes though after she saves a native girl, Mebh,
which leads to her discovery of the Wolfwalkers and transforms her into
the very thing her father is tasked to destroy. As he has done with earlier works, Moore uses Celtic folklore as a
window into our contemporary world. Thematic undercurrents of wilderness
versus order, and man’s impulse to control nature, are key to the world
of Wolfwalkers.

Embedded below is the film’s ‘concept trailer’. Enjoy!
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Ben single?
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Repeat after me:
- Veganism is not affordable
- Veganism is not cruelty free
- Veganism is not the best choice for everyone

Repeat after me
-I’m an idiot and wrong.
-Veganism can be made affordable.
-Veganism is fucking cruelty free. That’s what it’s all about.
- Veganism is the best choice for everyone, if everyone did it.
-I’m a fucking asshole for making this completely wrong text post and should shut the hell up now.

Exploiting undocumented immigrants, and other workers is cruelty free?Nearly 500,000 children as young as six harvest 25 percent of US crops.

But I guess brown people don’t fucking matter. 

People are literally starving in South America because all the Quinoa crop is being exported mainly for white vegans who want to live “cruelty-free” but don’t care about brown people as much as they do about animals.

plus, 4 of the 8 most common food allergies (soy, wheat, peanuts, and tree nuts) are common vegan substitutes.

o shit

i would literally starve to death if i couldn’t eat cheese or meats because my body cannot process nuts as they are too rough on my intestines and cause inflammation

Veganism is incredibly expensive depending on where you live, mostly if there are no local farms near you. Plant food prices skyrocket, and food deserts exist.
Veganism is not even close to cruelty free. You cannot be cruelty free in this country (USA) unless you 100% grow your own food because we use slave labor to pick it. Plus this doesn’t factor in all the harm being caused by the transport of your food, by the truck that carried it around.
Veganism is not the best choice for everyone, because some people cannot survive off of a plant based diet. I had tried for a good while, and my chronic illnesses spiked from it. Plus the constant monitoring to make sure I was receiving adequate nutrients triggered my ED to hell and back.
Veganism is a great way to start lowering your negative effect on the planet, but that is all it is, a starting place. Your work is not done just because you became vegan and you do not get to throw stones at others because you still live in a glass house.
Furthermore - it is absolutely possible to lower your footprint while still consuming animal products - you just have to be selective about what kinds and where they are sourced from. I have a permaculture based garden planned out for when we get land that actually has a smaller footprint than the typical vegan who buys everything at a store does.


Actually, none of us can survive on a plant-based diet. We cannot manufacture B12, and the so-called “plant-based” sources of B12, it turns out, don’t produce it in a form we can digest.

B12 is found in all animal products.

Additionally, although humans can manufacture taurine (only found in meat), not all of us can manufacture enough taurine. This is why some people get sick when they go vegetarian.

To survive on a vegan diet you need to artificially supplement B12 and possibly taurine. Period.

A diet that requires artificial supplementation is, by definition, unhealthy. And while the cost of vegan B12 supplements is low, when you’re already paying more for your food… Taurine supplementation, if you happen to be one of the people who needs it, is another added expense and hassle. A few vegans have also found it necessary to supplement carnitine, which is considerably more expensive. Oh, and most vegans don’t get enough calcium and end up with bone problems. Many are also Vitamin D deficient, especially if living at high latitudes, if dark skinned, or if religiously using sunscreen. And Vitamin D2 (plant derived) is not as easily absorbed as D3 (which ONLY comes from animals), so you need even more of it.

Then there’s protein.

I personally cannot properly digest nuts. I react the way lactose intolerant people do to milk if I consume pistachios, walnuts, or pecans. Almonds are actively toxic to me. Hazelnuts mess with my brain.

Because I am on thyroid medication, I am not supposed to consume large quantities of soy, as it can make my thyroid worse, throwing off my dosage. I can have some, but I cannot use it as a major protein source. This is also true for trans men (the phytoestrogens intefere with testosterone therapy), cis men with low testosterone (same reason) and women with a family history of breast cancer (elevates risk). Excessive soy consumption has also been linked to early puberty in girls (Again, phytoestrogens) and reproductive/sexual problems in both sexes. Eating a bit of soy is fine, but tofu should not be used as a meat substitute except for the occasional meal.

This limits my access to non-animal proteins to beans and grains. If I was gluten intolerant as well (I’m not, but it’s in my family), it would be a real problem. The only dairy substitute available to me is rice milk (and rice causes many of the same problems environmentally as raising beef).

Oh, but it’s better for the environment, right?


In addition to the already-mentioned quinoa, we’re cutting down rain forest in Mexico to grow avocados. Rice production is almost as bad for the environment as factory-based beef production for similar reasons. Also, plant-based foods, esp. fruit and fresh vegetables, are more likely to end up being wasted.

Studies indicate that if we all gave up meat tomorrow, all 7 billion of us gave up animal products forever, the good side would be the reduction in antibiotic use and greenhouse gas emissions.

How about the bad side?

1.3 billion people would lose their jobs overnight. 1.3 billion. 987 of them are poor.

Another thing that Ban Eating Meat Tomorrow types forget is that veganism is not necessarily the most effective use of farmland.

Uh, what?

The statement that if everyone switched to a vegan diet we would need a fraction of our current farmland assumes all farmland is created equal.

It simply is not.

I suspect that a lot of this perspective either comes from city dwellers who have no clue about farming or from people in the US breadbasket where there is a lot of high quality farmland suitable for raising food for humans.

The last global census in 2008 said that at that time, if all 6 billion people went vegan, it would need 3,068,444,911 acres of arable land. At the time there was about 3,212,369,959 acres of arable land: That is to say land suitable for raising crops humans can eat.

However, we’re building on, or otherwise destroying, arable land at the rate of about 1% a year and the population has grown.

We literally do not have enough arable land to feed everyone a plant-based diet.

And there are parts of the world that have a worse proportion of arable land to land only suitable for pasture than the US. Scotland comes immediately to mind. People in these places would have to import most of their food. I’m not sure Iceland could survive without eating fish.

If we all gave up eating meat tomorrow many of us would starve. I’m not exaggerating or being alarmist.

I’m also not criticizing people who choose not to eat animal products (just please make sure you get the required nutrients).

I am criticizing the “I don’t eat animal products and nobody else should either” crowd. Because it’s not that simple.

Also, bluntly, vitamin B12 deficiency can cause mood disturbances and paranoia…

But again, if you have to consume artificial supplements for whatever reason (unless it’s a personal absorption issue) your diet is not healthy.

Sorry, it’s just not.

Reblogging again for added info
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Your professor will not be happy with you if he says the Stanford Prison Experiment shows human nature and you say it shows the nature of white middle class college-aged boys.

Like he will not be happy at all.

For real though. That experiment. Scary shit.

This reminds me of a discussion that I read once which said Lord of the Flies would have turned out a hell of a lot differently if it was a private school of young girls (who are expected to be responsible and selfless instead), or a public school where the children weren’t all from an inherently entitled, emotionally stunted social class (studies have shown that people in lower socioeconomic classes show more compassion for others).
Or that the same premise with children raised in a different culture than the toxic and opressive British Empire and it’s emphasis on social hierarchy and personal wealth and status.And that what we perceive as the unchangable truth deep inside humanity because of things like Lord of the Flies and the Stanford Prison Experiment, is just the base truths about what happens when you remove any accountabilty controlling one social group with an overwhelming sense of entitlement and an inability to feel compassion.

I will always reblog this.

I just wanna say that the Lord of the Flies was explicitly written about high-class private school boys to make this exact point. Golding wrote Lord of the Flies partially to refute an earlier novel about this same subject: The Coral Island by R.M. Ballantyne. Golding thought it was absolutely absurd that a bunch of privileged little shits would set up some sort of utopia, so his book shows them NOT doing that.

This is also generally true about most psychological experiments.

There’s an experiment called “The Ultimatum Game”. It goes something like this.

Subject A is given an amount of money (Say, $100).

Subject A must offer Subject B some percentage of that money.

If Subject B accepts Subject A’s offer, both get the agreed upon amount of money. If Subject B refuses, no one gets any money.

The most common result was believed to be that people favored 50/50 splits. Anything too low was rejected; people wanted fairness. This was believed to be universal.

And then a researcher went to Peru to do the experiment with members of the indigenous Machiguenga population, and was baffled to find that the results were totally different.

Because, to the Machiguenga, refusing any amount of free money (even an unfair amount) was considered crazy.

So the researcher took his work on the road (to 14 other ‘small scale’ societies and tribes) , and to his shock found the results varied wildly depending on where the test was done. 

In fact, the “universal” result? Was an outlier. 

And that’s the problem. 96% percent of test subjects for psychological research come from 12% of the population. Stuff that we consider to be universal facts of human nature… even things like optical illusions, just… aren’t.

 You can read an article about it here.  But the crux of it is that psychology is plagued with confirmation bias, and people are shaped more by their environment than we realize. 

Given the data, they concluded that social scientists could not possibly have picked a worse population from which to draw broad generalizations. Researchers had been doing the equivalent of studying penguins while believing that they were learning insights applicable to all birds.

that’s both hilarious and sad
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