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Aries: becomes less talkative, watching others and observing, irritated easily, might give up on things or seem lazy

Taurus: irregular eating habbits, more quiet and thinking, tired, if you see the, crying it’s really bad

Gemini: might come off as rude or ignorant, tends to isolate themselves from others, talks much less then usual

Cancer: sometimes they can become very angry, screams and pushes people away from them, emotional rollercoaster, either binge eating or lack of food

Leo: angry, looks like they don’t want to talk to you and they don’t, can come off as rude, not as talkative/loud as usual, doesn’t really laugh and can be very pesimistic

Virgo: lack of sleep, might avoid people and overally talk much less, looks and acts tired, can be rude, doesn’t care about other people’s feeling at that very moment

Libra: looks tired, will probably try to talk to you about their problems but then will say something like “ahh don’t worry about it :)”, not as happy and optimistic as they usually are

Scorpio: will take everything personally, might be sarcastic or rude, complains, might actually cry in front of you, won’t tell you if they need help or a hug, tries to act normal

Sagittarius: stops caring, almost doesn’t laugh, distant from people, doesn’t really talk, might as well just disappear for a few days and you won’t know where they’ve gone

Capricorn: you can see it in their face, doubts everything they do, wants to talk about it but doesn’t know how, very quiet

Aquarius: can be rude, becomes more introverted; stays at home if they can, doesn’t talk to people, irregular sleeping

Pisces: maybe the most distant out of all signs, might avoid talking to people, can cry often but you won’t know, doesn’t care about things they normally do care about
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