Nov. 11th, 2016

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“I don’t believe in ghosts,” declared Sophie serenely, her smile never wavering.  It was the sort of smile that could slice through skin, muscle, and alibis all at the same time, and anyone with any sense would have run from it without hesitation.

The mark, who did not possess the sense the Great Pumpkin gave the little jack-o-lanterns, smiled back.  He was attempting the same possessive, predatory gleam that came to Sophie so easily, and only succeeded in looking like a pug attempting to dominate a wolf.

A wolf in high heels, silk stockings, and a six hundred dollar blazer, but still, a wolf.

“You should,” he said.  He paused before asking, “If you don’t believe in ghosts, why are you here?”

“My employers heard about your little ‘auction,’ and while I may not believe, well, they have a great deal of money, and a ghost in a bottle–real or not–is precisely the sort of thing they enjoy investing in.  Now,” she purred, leaning forward to afford him a glimpse down her blouse, “can I see the merchandise?”

“Sophie, she’s been in there for almost twenty-four hours,” said Hardison in her ear, his voice tight and strained.  “She’s got to be terrified.”

Sophie, ever the professional, gave no sign that she heard him.  Her smile softened around the edges, turning suggestive.  “I heard your pack was in excellent health,” she continued.  “With an alpha like you, it’s easy to understand why.”

The mark swallowed.  “I’m not the alpha.”

“I suppose that’s clever,” she said.  “A strong male like you, hanging back until the time is right to pounce…now.  About that bottle?”

Three hours later, she was racing ahead of the rising moon, a green glass bottle in her hand, heading for the black van parked behind the pack compound.  Inside, the real alpha was finding his second-in-command drugged in a pile of papers that showed proof of his embezzlement from pack funds.  Not elegant, but life wasn’t always elegant.  Sometimes, life just needed to go on.

The van door opened.  Hardison leaned out, and she flung the bottle into his hands as she kept running, heading for the bushes on the other side of the pavement.

“Cutting it close, don’t you think?” Hardison shouted after her, and threw the bottle to the ground.  It shattered, releasing a cloud of glittering vapor which rose and twisted and resolved itself into a pale, lanky blonde in black tank top and climbing pants.

He grinned.

“Welcome back, mama,” he said.

“I want to burn something,” said Parker.

“That can be arranged.”

From the other side of the lot, a howl rose, sweet and wavering, toward the shining moon.
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i would just like to point out that the recent conversation surrounding the male birth control trials isn’t just “lol weak men can’t deal with side effects” it’s the fact that when they were testing hormonal birth control for women in the 50s & 60s, the side effects were much worse, and the women who participated in them, mostly in puerto rico, were not told about the side effects or that the drug was experimental

and THEN when women dropped out, they started using incarcerated women as their guinea pigs, and then despite the fact that some scientists who participated in the original trials were like “uh i don’t think this is actually good, it’s making a lot of these women sick,” the pharmaceutical industry & fda were like  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and approved it for the general population anyways, without really warning women about the potential for all these negative side effects

and THEN researchers basically ceased to do any type of research on side effects like depression and decreased libido for 50 years, despite the fact that women were still complaining about them, and because there was no “hard evidence” of these side effects, a lot of doctors basically just assumed women were exaggerating or making it up. and that continued until the first major study of depression in women who take hormonal contraceptives was released just. this. year.

so yeah, the patriarchy. *waves flag*

further reading:

the puerto rico pill trials

the racist & sexist history of keeping side effects of birth controls secret

“it’s not in your head” striking new study links birth control to depression

the side effects of male birth control stopping drug trials reveals a disturbing sexism

male birth control shot prevents pregnancy, researchers call for further study to reduce risk of depression, other side effects

oh, and fun fact: even after this new study was released, a lot of the scientific community is still being like “but can we PROVE these women aren’t just depressed because they’re LOVESICK?”
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Okay, suckers, listen up. 

The electoral college hasn’t voted yet. 

They don’t vote until December. And while 29 states and DC have laws requiring electors to vote along state lines, the rest don’t. 
Donald Trump only got a few votes (nine) into the majority. 

If a handful of electors swing or even abstain and become faithless electors, the entire system would get thrown into crisis. 

These are the states that require electors to vote according to state popular vote. That leaves:














New Hampshire

New Jersey

New York

North Dakota


Rhode Island

South Dakota


West Virginia 

All states where electors can do whatever the hell they want. In fact, even in the other states electors are only subject to a small fine. 

So, in summary, until December you can harass the hell out of your electors (list found here). Remind them who won the popular vote. Remind them of their duty to protect the nation. Tell them how the presidency will effect you directly. A faithless elector is a pretty big deal, and even one of two would make a big impact in terms of showing how awful our presumptive president elect is. 

This fight isn’t over yet. 
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fandom for an American TV show: don’t watch it online! watch the show on TV when it airs so the ratings go up! show your support!

me, a mere European: 

fandom for an American TV show: then at least watch it for free on their own website and support them through ads and hits

me, a mere European:
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Gwendoline Christie and Nikolaj Coster Waldau. x

I think it’s really just so important to note what Niki boy is doing in that first picture
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I just got a job as a transcriber. if you have a strong command of grammar in english (or other languages), you can transcribe audio for websites like transcribeme or rev, and they send money directly to your paypal weekly.

there’s no interview, you can work as much or as little as you want, and you make $20 per hour of audio you transcribe. you just have to pass a relatively short exam and they send you verification of your work account within a couple days. it’s good shit

Could you maybe send a link please? I’m in a pretty bad work situation and you’ve just offered a potential lifeline.

of course! this is the website I signed up for:

I worked for 3Play Media for several years, and it was great. The testing process is a little more rigorous than those described above, but you may make more money. 3Play pays different per-minute rates for audio based on projected difficulty. A file with bad sound quality, very fast speakers, or speakers with thick accents is going to take you longer to complete than something with great sound quality and easy to understand speakers. 

I made anywhere from $10 to $30 an hour working for them, but mostly it evened out somewhere in the middle. An hour of audio will take you anywhere from 2-4 hours or more to complete. When you put it that way $20 isn’t that much for your time. So I definitely recommend checking out 3Play if you’re looking for transcription work. 

for my chronically ill friends who might need a little extra money <3
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A card that made me snort and a dollar for every year…my landlady is awesome. (YES I opened it early. You try telling a 12 year old she can’t watch you open your birthday card early).


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