Oct. 31st, 2016

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Adorable illustrations by  Caley Hicks, the self proclaimed “Designer of Cute!”
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As David Cameron steps down, it’s time to celebrate his legacy. 
Photo by #WheelchairAccessible

This is mass murder of disabled people by the UK government.

You don’t need a gun to kill someone when you can simply deny them the resources they need to live.

This is structural violence
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“So cute. Every time his mother gave him the toys, he’ll say thank you”

more baby animals here

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Then little 12 year old Mulder and Scully grew up in the HP!Alternative Universe and became Special Aurors working at the Department of Mysteries (or the Unspeakables, as they are also called), studying and solving cases related to the Chambers in there - Time, Space, Love, Death, Thought, etc.  They investigate bizarre (even for magical world) cases involving magical and mythical creatures, misuse of Amortentia and Time Turners, cases involving mind controling and Potion Polyjuice (like the Bart Jr/Moody case, for example) etc and, of course, events of close encounters in the wizard world (because they totally happen in my opinion, but maybe wizards see them as just another kind of magical, sentient creatures…? hmmm.)
Besides being a Special Auror, Scully is also a Healer who worked at St Mungus for a couple of years before she joined the Ministry of Magic - some say, to debunk some of Mulder’s “nosensical theories”, including that one of Voldemort was raising again and the Ministry was hiding it / pretending it was only something out of the troubled mind of that boy, Potter. (**EDIT** SO, I am adding all the fanarts I make and all the headcanons I answer from people’s asks and tags down the cut into this first post so everyone can see all of my fangirling musins about this AU!)(EDIT 2.0: Animated it in a gif because why not - you can see the gif on its full size HERE!)

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@thosequieteyes lookit. House choices: discuss. (also discuss all the things, lbh)

This is about the best AU I have ever seen in my life, not just because it combines two of my favorite things, but because I am usually so not an AU person. (Granted, most AUs are “so Character A works in a coffee shop that Character B frequents…”) I was totally absorbed in this in about five seconds. It’s so charming! It’s so well-reasoned! And look at the droorings! THE DROORINGS! I’ve never seen better cartoon-ized versions of Mulder and Scully in my damn life. The one of Scully holding Mulder-as-an-actual-fox is so good.

I would have had the same struggle with sorting Scully. She is a Gryffindor in Ravenclaws’ clothing for SURE, but she never cowers and she never abandons Mulder. Her intelligence often shines the clearest when she is making those courageous decisions. She’s a Gryffindor because she has integrity, not because she’s a jock that pulls stupid “brave” stunts. The one I’m a little bit tilting my head at is Mulder in Slytherin. I guess I can see it, because he’s clearly a driven and ambitious guy, he went to Cambridge, he got into the FBI, he’s brilliant at looking at other people and making deductions about them, he’s willing to work with some very questionable people and do some very questionable things in pursuit of his answers (things that Scully–Gryffindor!–often tries to call him back from). I totally get the Slytherin sorting. I just don’t think I would have gone the same way (if I had come up with this beautifully-drawn and painstakingly executed AU, good god, who am I to criticize here). 

I think Mulder would be sorted as a Ravenclaw, one in the same vein as Luna Lovegood–a brilliant eccentric, a beautiful little weirdo that makes other people super uncomfortable and suffers isolation because of it. Like Luna, he eventually finds his tribe (though I’d argue “his tribe” is more like “his Scully,” since I’m OG as hell and not a super big fan of Reyes). His knowledge of the paranormal is vast; we don’t ever really see him consulting sources on the show (at least not books/papers; he consults with other people like the Lone Gunmen or his shadowy informers on occasion). I mean, for comparison in the same genre, take the Winchester brothers on Supernatural. Their usual first move, at least for many seasons, was to research, comb the internet, consult their dad’s journal, call somebody in the vast underground network of hunters. Mulder doesn’t need to do that, because most of the time, it’s already in his brain. He’s read the things there are to read. Newspaper articles hang on his walls in front of his lookin’-balls every day. He doesn’t have a personal life; he doesn’t even have a goddamn bed in his own apartment, that’s how little time he spends there. He’s steeped in his quest and he’s done it to himself, at least to some degree.

It could be argued that Mulder’s pride in knowing these things, his pride even in the purity of his own obsession, could swing back toward Slytherin, because there are a lot of times when Mulder’s reckless pride gets him into a world of trouble. But for me, ultimately, Mulder’s whole drive is the pursuit of knowledge, no matter how specialized that knowledge is. Ravenclaw for sure.

I feel like ‘not a super big fan of Reyes’ is like, the biggest understatement you have ever made in your life. 

(reblogging again for the hella good meta because I love hearing my frands get all braindumpy about their faves)


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