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The collision between the Milky Way Galaxy and the Andromeda Galaxy.

the grand showdown

Andromeda is a bit bigger than us. So when that happens, Andromeda’s black hole is gonna consume our black hole in a vicious act of galactic canabalism. 

Which is an actual term used in astronomy apparently. 

“Galactic Cannabalism” sounds like an electro/death metal fusion band.

Galactic cannibalism is one of my favourite astronomical terms, but it doesn’t beat the term used for the stretching out into a long thin tube that occurs when something falls into a black hole (spaghettification) or the term used for a rock thought to be a meteorite but which later turns out to be an ordinary terrestrial rock (meteowrong).

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Apr. 27th, 2017 10:40 am
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Cover art for “Beyond the Stars: New Worlds, New Suns,” available now here:
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this website pisses me off, everyones always like “space is so cool!” not its not, space is bullshit and i hate everything about it, i genuinely just saw the phrase “a black hole with a mass two billion times the mass of the sun” im so pissed off, shut the fuck up, dont patronise me scientists you know i dont know what the fuck that means, my sad little brain cant comprehend the mass of one sun let alone two fucking billion, i cant even count past 10 without getting confused and youre out here talking about the mass of two billion fucking suns, shut the hell up. and dont even get me started about black holes or the expansion of the universe because thats another two seperate rants entierly. oh and apparently theres a planet made of ice except the ice is also on fire??? yeah sure fucking thing, scientists. and this is just the shit i know about. i purposely dont research space because it pisses me off so much, god knows what other fucking bullshit exists out there that ive yet to read a fucking wikipedia article about. i dont think space is real, literally everything about space is so fucking fake, this is just some elaborate fucking practicle joke. two billion times the mass of the sun, fuck you
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Okay so here’s one of those rare gems of moments where retail is actually kind of okay. 

I’m gonna start by revealing the well-kept secret that I live in Ohio… in case all the buckeye references flew by you. And Ohio… is obsessed with space travel. I mean- it makes sense. We’ve got a couple astronauts in our history, there’s the National Aeronautics and Space Museum in Dayton, and on those quiet summer nights, where the sky is clear and the stars are twinkling in the distance, it is hard to not look up at the darkness and wonder if there is intelligent life out there. (Not here.)

Anyhow, all the fourth graders have a big space-related project around this time of year and this means that we, as craft retailers, have to be problem solvers. The number one problem is ‘oh gods, please tell me that you’re going to put a primer down on that styrofoam before you spray paint it.’

Because- you guessed it- everyone is making a damn solar system model. 

That is to say… their parents are making the solar system model. 

I was just finishing up explaining the use of a styrofoam primer and which spray paints are safe to use with styro to the mother of one ten-year-old when the mother of another ten-year-old rounds the corner looking desperate. 

“Is this a good paint for cardboard?”

It’s not. So I round her back to where her son and daughter are waiting and explain them what will work. She needs green, and there are three different kinds of greens. The mom holds them up and has her daughter choose. 

“Which one do you want for your face?”

I freeze because putting acrylic on your skin is a great way to get a rash. “Hold on, you’re not putting this on your skin, are you?”

“No, gosh no. We’re painting a box and putting the box on her head.”

Okay, I’m curious. “Can you explain what you’re making?”

The daughter chimes in. “We have to do a project for school and I’m gonna dress up like a alien!”

Instantly, I love this child. Not just because she considers dressing up as an alien to be an acceptable school project, but because she’s not leaving it to her mom to do all the work. 

So we talk for a minute about project stuff and she tells me that her brother is going to be the first man on Mars. Her brother is five. Her brother concurs- he is going to be the first man on Mars. Their mom tells me about the Neil Armstrong museum nearby. Like… this is a family of people excited about the future of space travel.

“Did you hear about those new planets,” I asked. 

The little girl starts jumping up and down. “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Mom: “Can you remember what they said about the new planets?”

“They said…. they said that they can… uhhh… sustain life! There might be aliens!”

Mom: “Now, they said they can sustain life, but I think they also said that it isn’t very advanced life.”

The little girl looks off into space- contemplating this new information. She is formulating a very important thought. 

Very softly: “We get to be the aliens this time.”
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Vampires don’t like sunlight but moonlight is actually also sunlight

Tell that to the werewolves.

Moonlight is only about 14% reflected sunlight, with a different spectrum (some wavelengths gets more absorbed than others, some more reflected, etc). If the two spectra of moonlight and sunlight were compared side-by-side with no mention of their origin, they basically appear as two completely different light sources, one peaking at the yellow wavelengths and the other peaking at the blue-green wavelengths.

To summarize; moonlight is not sunlight, it is reflected sunlight with a lot of its information lost or altered.

Does this mean that, with the right set-up, you could make light sources which mimicked moonlight accurately enough that it sets off someone’s lycanthropy? I’m not sure what such a device would be useful for, but it’d be neat nonetheless.

Technically, yes. In practice, whether it’s simple to do so or not will depend on the exact mechanisms that causes the transformation. I suspect the easiest way would be to get a lamp that mimics sunlight and shine it onto a surface of lunar regolith trapped behind a thin layer of transparent material to protect against oxidation.

this is amazing thank you

Okay but consider that the moon and the earth drift apart juuust a little bit each year—assuming that one’s lycanthropy is triggered by the AMOUNT of moonlight since what lore I know of consists of transformation on the full moon—eventually we’re going to be far enough away from the moon that the symptoms of lycanthropy will disappear forever

Actually no! I just heard a bit on NPR about this two days ago :3

The Moon is slowly drifting away, but it’ll eventually reach a static orbit and stop; it’s not going to fly off into space. What will happen though is kinda weird. When the Moon stops drifting away, the Earth-Moon system will become tidally locked. After that point, only one side of the Earth will ever face the Moon again. So it won’t be that lycanthropy will disappear forever; it’ll just only happen on half of the Earth :] :] :]

That raises another question though; will having the full moon always out, even during the day, mean that lycanthropes will always be shifted, or will the direct light of the sun overpower its effects during the day :?


The moon is drifting away because it’s ashamed to be seen with us.

I love how science!tumblr and fiction!tumblr enable each other.
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Karl Friedrich Schinkel - The Hall of Stars in the Palace of the Queen of the Night ( Königin der Nacht ). Mozart set design, Die Zauberflöte
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“Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light;
I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”

A little doodle for one the most beautiful lines from any poem, The Old Astronomer.

This is not a little doodle. This. THIS. This is fucking MAGIC. You have captured pure wonder and whimsy and romance and bliss and that almost melancholy wholeness when you look up at the sky and just feel the smallness of your being and the grandness of the universe. All this captured with a lover’s eye. We cannot see her face but I feel the tender passionate ardour for this petite but mighty creature in the world. While at the same time I feel the bittersweet swoon of wanting to be gazed upon myself with such whole and overwhemling admiration and love. It is goddamn masterful.

I am fucking following your tumblr charliebowater you are amazing.



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