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You never know when you might have to fight an alien.

According to Dean Devlin, Leverage and Stargate inhabit the same universe, and Eliot was on a gate team so he’d know all about Drake’s equation. Just sayin’.


… I love everything about this, and this changes everything. 

Yeah seemingly if the Stargate sets hadn’t been auctioned off, they were gonna have the gate in an episode somewhere, somehow. 

“ There was a cutaway scene planned for season two that would have implied Eliot worked in the Stargate program. If you look closely in the episode “The Last Dam Job,” there’s a vault with tiles from the original Stargate film that are actually owned by Dean Devlin. “
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Let’s Steal A Get To Know Me Meme [3/10]

Favorite Ship - The OT3 (Alec Hardison | Eliot Spencer | Parker)
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I was thinking today about Leverage–as one does–and about the various grifting styles we see the team employ, and how most of them have a very particular grift strategy that they rarely stray from when they have to be the main one in the spotlight. And what I think is really interesting is how their strategies are often exact opposites.

Eliot’s syle of grifting is to flatten himself, to make himself seem simple. He plays nerds, ‘manipulate-able’ fighters, awkward librarians and accountants and basically people it’s easy to dismiss or to pigeonhole as one thing (whereas in reality he’s anything but that). In direct contrast, Sophie’s entire grift style plays up her mysteriousness. She draws people in because they want to know more about her, because she’s intriguing and fascinating and there’s the suggestion that if only the mark were worthy of her time and attention, she knows things they could only dream of.

Nate’s style is to be incredibly obnoxious. Which, let’s all congratulate him on playing to his strengths, first of all. But second of all, it’s a really interesting grift style, because basically it manipulates people by annoying them. While Sophie draws people in and directs their attention and clouds their judgement by making them want her around, Nate directs people’s attention and clouds their judgement by making them want him to leave. They’re both very effective at getting a person to do exactly what they want!

And while Eliot’s grift style almost always involves him pretending to be bad at something (physically harmless alien nerd, unsophisticated boxer who can’t people good, etc), Hardison’s grifts almost always involve him being an expert at something (Iceman, FBI agent, even conspiracy theorist) and using his expertise to gain access, authority, etc.

And then I was thinking about Parker and trying to pin down her style, and I realized that another reason why she was an excellent choice of leader is that she can kind of do them all. Every grift she does has that tinge of ‘weird’ to it, because that’s who she is, but she’s able to switch between strategies in a way that the others never really employ. She can be unassuming and underestimated (Alice, baby reporter), off-putting and upsetting (that pop star with the duck), an expert who comes in and takes over (FBI agent), or intriguing and enticing (that scene with the diamond necklace, you know the one, we all know the one, you whispered “oh no she’s hot” at the screen don’t lie). I wouldn’t say she’s the best grifter, that’s definitely Sophie, but she might be the most versatile one.

Basically Parker is the best, Leverage is the best, we all knew that, thank you for your time.

let’s all congratulate him on playing to his strengths
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“I don’t believe in ghosts,” declared Sophie serenely, her smile never wavering.  It was the sort of smile that could slice through skin, muscle, and alibis all at the same time, and anyone with any sense would have run from it without hesitation.

The mark, who did not possess the sense the Great Pumpkin gave the little jack-o-lanterns, smiled back.  He was attempting the same possessive, predatory gleam that came to Sophie so easily, and only succeeded in looking like a pug attempting to dominate a wolf.

A wolf in high heels, silk stockings, and a six hundred dollar blazer, but still, a wolf.

“You should,” he said.  He paused before asking, “If you don’t believe in ghosts, why are you here?”

“My employers heard about your little ‘auction,’ and while I may not believe, well, they have a great deal of money, and a ghost in a bottle–real or not–is precisely the sort of thing they enjoy investing in.  Now,” she purred, leaning forward to afford him a glimpse down her blouse, “can I see the merchandise?”

“Sophie, she’s been in there for almost twenty-four hours,” said Hardison in her ear, his voice tight and strained.  “She’s got to be terrified.”

Sophie, ever the professional, gave no sign that she heard him.  Her smile softened around the edges, turning suggestive.  “I heard your pack was in excellent health,” she continued.  “With an alpha like you, it’s easy to understand why.”

The mark swallowed.  “I’m not the alpha.”

“I suppose that’s clever,” she said.  “A strong male like you, hanging back until the time is right to pounce…now.  About that bottle?”

Three hours later, she was racing ahead of the rising moon, a green glass bottle in her hand, heading for the black van parked behind the pack compound.  Inside, the real alpha was finding his second-in-command drugged in a pile of papers that showed proof of his embezzlement from pack funds.  Not elegant, but life wasn’t always elegant.  Sometimes, life just needed to go on.

The van door opened.  Hardison leaned out, and she flung the bottle into his hands as she kept running, heading for the bushes on the other side of the pavement.

“Cutting it close, don’t you think?” Hardison shouted after her, and threw the bottle to the ground.  It shattered, releasing a cloud of glittering vapor which rose and twisted and resolved itself into a pale, lanky blonde in black tank top and climbing pants.

He grinned.

“Welcome back, mama,” he said.

“I want to burn something,” said Parker.

“That can be arranged.”

From the other side of the lot, a howl rose, sweet and wavering, toward the shining moon.
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This a list of all the cons/scams/grifts that the Leverage team names during the show. Included is everything from a small one-on-one interaction between a grifter and a mark (eg. Little Orphan Annie) to full blown multilevel integrated cons (eg. The White Rabbit). If it had a name, it’s here.

If it has a black star beside it, it has a canon explanation or demonstration (eg. The Moonwalking Bear). If it has a white star, there were hints or comparisons made about it (eg. The Apple Pie is “like the Cherry Pie, but with lifeguards”). If it’s hyperlinked, it’s a real life scam and the link is to Wikipedia. If it’s totally unmarked, then the name was mentioned but never elaborated upon and is a part of the team’s beautiful argot. :)

The Lost Heir ★

S1E3, S2E9 

A Rip Deal ★


The Spanish Prisoner Scam ☆

[in reference to Irina’s adoption con]: “It’s just like the Spanish Prisoner Scam.”


The London Spank 

The Geneva Paso Doble

The Apple Pie ☆

“It’s like the Cherry Pie, but with lifeguards.”


The Cherry Pie 

Glengarry, Glen Death ★


The Turnabout ★


Ponzi Scheme

The Mona Lisa Variant ★


The Wire Game ★


The Swedish Rail Con

The Cairo Flyer ☆

Sophie: “No way, I’m not wearing that dress again.”


The Double-Blind ★


A Fiddle Game ★

S3E6, S3E10

The Pill Scare ★


The Berlin Shuffle

Little Orphan Annie ★


The Skagway Shuffle ★


The Mummy’s Tiara ★


The Vegas Wake-Up Call ☆

Like the Cuban Sandwich except “the boyfriend shows up.”


The Cuban Sandwich ★


An Edward Albee ★


The Spanish Turnabout ☆

Sophie: “I’m thinking the Spanish Turnabout.”

Parker: “Hmm, no, he’s not going to leave the country. The [Spanish] Turnabout pays off in an airport.”


The Peking Watch

The Moscow Circus ☆

Sophie, to Nate: “I’m running the Moscow Circus con, you’re the ‘Ivan’. Go.”


The Romanian Circus ☆

Nate: “What [Sophie]’s doing is she’s running a variant. It’s called a Snipe Hunt. It’s the [Romanian] Circus, but it’s leaner and faster.”


The Snipe Hunt ★


The Roman Wedding ★


The Peruvian Slide

The Boca Backlash

The Oklahoma Little Chucky

The Chilean Custard

The Moonwalking Bear ★


The Big Store ★


The MassDOT Special ★

S4E9 (also in S3E7, but unnamed)

The Wicked Stepsister

The High Minne Scam Variant ★


The Lazy Dachshund

The Pizarro Pressure Point

The Double-Pronged Monkey Con ★


A Radio Play ★


The Oligschlager Shuffle ★


The Arkham Ascent ★


The White Van Speakers ★


The White Rabbit ★


A Swap-and-Whisper Campaign ★


The Trojan Horse ★



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