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Here it is, the cherry on the sundae, the incontrovertible proof that Joss Whedon does not understand Wonder Woman and never will and should not be allowed to touch anything that involves her and also this screenplay should have been burned and all digital copies placed on a single hard drive that was then passed repeatedly in front of a massive electromagnet:

“Strong women are always mean because any woman who had some trace of a backbone has dumped me”

What??? This is wholesome! Diana can’t understand why the child just doesn’t climb the tree herself like you know the Amazons would? Because that’s all she’s ever known?? And climbing a tree isn’t a big deal to her?? So she wouldn’t understand why it would be a big deal for the child?? Y'all reach I swear! Let some love into your heart and stop trying so hard to be offended!

No, Wonder Woman has all the time in the world for young children and that is film canon and comics canon and even cartoon canon! Diana of Themiscyra, daughter of Hippolyta, Amazon and God-killer, would have leapt into that tree, restored the cat to its girl, asked the girl the cat’s name, spent some time petting the cat, showed the girl her shield and let her lift it with only slight assistance, and then coached the girl in tree-climbing until she could scale its branches with speed and grace. 

Joss Whedon is incapable of even imagining these kinds of interactions between female characters. 

Girl:Lady? My cat is stuck in that tree.Diana: *smiling encouragingly* Climb it.Girl: *considers for a moment* But I can’t. My mom told me not to climb the trees so I don’t hurt myself. I got a scrape on my chin last time. I had to get stitches. See? *She shows Diana her battle scar proudly* I only cried a little. Diana: *impressed* Such a grave wound! You acted very bravely. I will retrieve your pet as a favor to such a proud young warrior. Girl: *laughs* Thanks, lady!

Fixed it.

The two best additions to this post. :3

it’s the word ‘dismissive’ that really seals the deal for me. Diana is never dismissive; she loves, with every fibre of her being. 
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