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Jul. 3rd, 2017 06:23 pm
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All right, y'all. I miss doing prompts, but I couldn’t find a ready-made post that really inspired me, so I made my own!

Send me a number and a pairing, and I will write you a fic!

1.) “When did we get a cat?”
2.) “I thought it was a good idea at the time, but it now occurs to me that I was horribly wrong.”
3.) “I didn’t ask for a naked guy in a cake.”
4.) “It is too early for shenanigans.”
5.) “I need you to touch me.”
6.) “We don’t watch Mean Girls in this household.”
7.) “Where, exactly, are you taking me?”
8.) “It kills me when you look at me like that.”
9.) “I appreciate the thought, but I don’t need a thousand condoms, thanks.”
10.) “Did you catch the book thief?”
11.) “Are you going to watch me take my clothes off?”
12.) “There’s a lock on the door for a reason.”
13.) “Is this a kidnapping?”
14.) “May I take your order?”
15.) “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”
16.) “We’ve got fifteen minutes, get in the closet.”
17.) “Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing.”
18.) “You need to grow up.”
19.) “I didn’t sign up for this.”
20.) “Whisper to me in the language of your people.”
21.) “Wanna share a milkshake?”
22.) “Just get on your knees and shove it in.”
23.) “Are these panties supposed to be for me?”
24.) “Uh oh…I think the car just broke down.”
25.) “What are you waiting for?”
26.) “I can’t take it anymore.”
27.) “The bathroom is this way.”
28.) “What are you doing in my kitchen?”
29.) “That’s some information I never needed to know.”
30.) “You need to stop.”
31.) “And that’s why we don’t drink wine for breakfast.”
32.) “It’s part of a healthy, balanced diet.”
33.) “Why are we sneaking out of the house again?”
34.) “If you want me, take me.”
35.) “No, I don’t want to watch the six hour Pride & Prejudice.”
36.) “Let’s rock, paper, scissors for it.”
37.) “Someone sent us forty dildos via FedEx.”
38.) “I think the maximum times you’re allowed to watch Legally Blonde without a break is twenty.”
39.) “Of course you need it. It’s a chainsaw on a stick.”
40.) “Um, I found your erotic fiction under your bed.”
41.) “Why can’t I ever take a bubble bath in peace?”
42.) “We can share?”
43.) “There’s a naked guy mowing the lawn.”
44.) “Turn on ESPN, you won’t regret it.”
45.) “I did NOT think that was gonna fit.”
46.) “Where are you? I’m lost in IKEA.”
47.) “Something is burning.”
48.) “I want to be clear: I do not like you, but I will make out with you.”
49.) “I was trying to be nice.”
50.) “That is not the venue I picked out for the reception.”

HMU with some Poe/Finn, Baze/Chirrut, or if you wanna get WILD, something original…
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