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Taken from Instagram. x
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(Series: Filksong Genealogy)

Above we have Seanan McGuire's “Wicked Girls” (lyrics), performed in concert by the author along with Michelle “Vixy” Dockrey and Tony Fabris, S.J. “Sooj” Tucker, and Amy McNally.

And below, we have Bob Kanefksy’s truly wicked parody, “Save Yourselves!” (lyrics), performed in circle by Vixy and Tony.  Yes, that’s Seanan nearby in the circle, and yes, she’s hearing it for the first time.
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one of those things padme will never be able to fully explain to anakin—sinking down under the water of the bay (like the sea from which all life came and to which all life would return) the chanting voices distended, strange, filtered through the water as she tried to hold her breath. Whenever anakin or obi-wan talk about the force, that’s what she conjures: suspended there in the warmth, light and salt in her eyes.

on tatooine they did it differently, she heard—from anakin, dust baths and ash and dryness, skin stretched too-tight over his bones and no water at all. (it was too precious, not even the force would ask that of them. not when they needed it so desperately.)

it was strange, the handful of conversations she’d had with senators from other planets, other sectors; bail organa had been anointed in snow, breathing quick because he was not accustomed to mountain elevation. alien species choosing anointings with hrucium, osmium dust, because what did carbon and fatty oil chains mean to them?

(The only eternal truth is the Force, the Force universal and unending. It doesn’t matter, what particularities of it are rendered unto you.)

leia, alderaanian raised if not quite born, has a theological education heavily rooted in her father’s understanding of the Force, which preaches that silence is complicity and true devotion is the lightsaber. 

(obi-wan and bail used to have good-natured arguments about it, whether the Force sought peace and balance, or whether they were too far from balance to ever be content with peace.

mostly, breha had found it amusing that she’d married a man who would have been just as happy renouncing his worldly possessions and preaching at the temple on jedha as he was being viceroy of alderaan.)

leia doesn’t—think about it much before the destruction of alderaan, except to resent. but then alderaan is gone, alderaan is dead, and all those stupid traditions she’d ignored and resented and rebelled against, the cultured grace and artistry she’d chafed under isn’t an obligation. it’s a relic. (it’s not even a relic, a relic implies there is rubble or pottery shards left, something leia could turn over in her hands; proof that it existed once. the absence of alderaan is its own obligation, heavy and visible only to her.)

if she shuts her eyes, she can see her mother lighting the tanough candles, the light in her eyes as she smiled at leia.

leia has emergency candles in her pack (practically antiques, but they get the job done, the quartermaster had sighed) and sometimes she takes them out, holds them in her hands under her palms smell of wax, and there are tears prickling at her eyes.

she wishes she remembered all the words to the prayers. she wishes she remembered the stories her mother told, her father told, the folk tales and the songs. She wishes—It’s not about anything, but someone ought to remember. (it shouldn’t be her, but she doesn’t know of anyone else.)

owen and beru were not terribly religious, several generations removed from the fervent, secretive worship found in the slave quarters of mos espa, and even further away from the core’s way of doing things. (if there’s a bright center to the universe—)

but there are things that endure, simply out of habit—luke will never waste salt, never spill it, and somewhere among what little he saved from the fire is a holed stone, which he keeps in his pocket of his flightsuit.

this isn’t what luke thinks of, when ben explains what the force is. luke thinks of heat, the sun high above the sand—the thrill of knowing he should have been asleep in his bunk, like the rest of Tatooine at noontide, but instead standing there, on the very edge of the homestead. like the last thing alive in the whole galaxy.

he remembers watching the wavering line of the horizon. a line of grey-brown-dust smudges moving slowly, heavily, coming closer until he could make them out—slaves, dressed in robes and cowls, carrying something over their shoulders. there were a few men and women following them, and they were singing—something, luke couldn’t make out words, except that it was high, and sad.

it took too long for luke to realize the thing swathed in white was a body, they were going to bury their dead, and he felt himself go hot. immediately, he whipped off his hat and bowed his head, until they were gone off towards the western gorge, and he couldn’t hear the singing anymore.

by the time he made his way back to the farm, his neck, ears, scalp, had all blistered from sunsburn. beru had to use a whole tube of bacta, and made him shuck a year’s worth of slatin for sneaking out.)

han, corellian-born, has no particular faith—if he wanted to be a jedi, that world was gone by the time he was nine; and if he wanted to be sith, he should have started out as more than just a low-level smuggler and scammer. (they’re burning the world down by the time he understands his options, he never really had a chance.) he figures life is short and brutish and sometimes free, and then you die. end of story.

so he’s genuinely shocked and not shocked at all when luke calls himself jedi—might as well, really, aren’t they all weirdos and mystics these days—

(it’s a political label more than anything else, right? jedi are for the core and the republic and the rebellion, the force is just their way of dressing up a war.)

what are you doing? leia asks sleepily, lifting her head up from where she fell asleep on the dejarik table. han startles, pulling his hand away from the inside of the hull like it suddenly burns.nothing, han says. just—saying goodnight.
      to the falcon? leia asks with a yawn. why?

(han doesn’t have an answer, except that he has always done this, and the falcon has always been safe, flown true. these things aren’t connected, but they are.) I don’t know, he says. the force, probably. go back to sleep, your worship.

and she does.
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Natalie Dormer in The Ring Cycle (2014)
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Hello Gentlemen of Marvel Comics:

I am writing to you on this new comics Wednesday, April 19, as a longtime reader.

How long?

The first Marvel comic I ever picked up was Uncanny X-Men #125 in the summer of 1979. That’s thirty eight years. Nearly four decades is nothing to sneeze at in terms of brand loyalty, as I’m certain your marketing team is well aware.

I have been a faithful fan and reader of Marvel Comics for literally the majority of my life. I can credit Chris Claremont’s X-Men with not only helping to broaden my already expansive vocabulary, but also with helping me make it through my difficult teen years and hang on to survive to adulthood. I am now, thanks to my love of Marvel Comics and the women of Chris Claremont’s X-Men, a senior writer for a feminist comic blog.

I can also credit love of Marvel Comics as the reason I support the extremely successful Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Spider-Man films and the X-Men films.

I have not been a passive fan, but an active participant in conversation with Marvel Comics over the years. My letters have made the letter columns of your comics.

My positive remarks on the original, pre-Venom version of the black Spider-Man costume after its first appearance in Secret Wars #8

My comments on Rogue seeking forgiveness and help in Uncanny X-Men #171.

The death of James MacDonald Hudson in Alpha Flight #12

I have won a No-Prize.

I began going to conventions to meet the creative teams.

I indicate these not only to establish my bona fides to you as what Marvel of my youth would have called a “Keeper of the Flame”, but because the responses I received to my youthful missives were kind, respectful, and thoughtful; I was not an adult for the earliest of those letters, and your editorial teams were mindful that they were dealing with impressionable kids. They didn’t sneer at me because I was a girl reader.

The Marvel I remember with affection and enthusiasm seems to have been lost in the multiversal cataclysm written in Secret Wars III, because I no longer see it in the Marvel Comics of 2017. As a result, I find myself facing a terrible, painful dichotomy as a reader now:

On the one hand, I love the opportunities for diversity Marvel has provided creators. I have followed them with great pleasure. Miles Morales: Spider-Man succeeded in bringing me to the Ultimate universe titles when nothing else had. I eagerly picked up Ms. Marvel and am currently following it faithfully. The same has been true for The Inhumans, The Uncanny Inhumans, Silk, All New X-Men, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Invincible Iron Man, Unstoppable Wasp, The Ultimates, Silver Surfer and The Champions. Storm, Mockingbird, Patsy Walker: Hellcat, and Spider-Woman have all unfortunately been cancelled, but I own every issue, and looked forward to each one while they were published. I cheerlead for these titles. I give them as gifts. At $3.99 a month and $12.99 for compilation trade paperbacks, Marvel Comics can see I am not a casual reader, and I spend significant money on the titles and events I follow.

I want to support writers like Kate Leth, Jeremy Whitley, and G. Willow Wilson, who are involved with the creation of these diverse characters, telling their stories, and bringing an exciting, different perspective to Marvel’s mostly white and mostly male-centric universe. I want to keep supporting these initiatives! I want to see Marvel support them when numbers indicate they’re top sellers. I want to see Marvel market these characters with the same zeal they do Captain America, Spider-Man and Captain Marvel. I will gladly sing your praises to my readers as I have done already for Storm and Ms. Marvel’s titles. I am, to coin a phrase, an efangelist, and when a company produces content I love, I will shout it from the internet rooftops.

On the other hand, I really can’t support the current issues surrounding Captain America and Secret Empire. I can’t in clear conscience, just sit quietly while Marvel allows Nick Spencer and team to turn Captain America into a Nazi, then try to soften the blow and mitigate the damage by saying Hydra aren’t really NAZI-Nazis. I have too many Jewish friends in pain and dismay to turn a blind eye.

Marvel didn’t turn a blind eye when Ardian Syaf put Anti-Semitism in his art for X-Men Gold, but the company is determined not to give ground on this? Spencer wrote Sam Wilson: Captain America apologizing for protesting oppression and made fun of triggers, and of “Social Justice Warriors”. Now Sam has turned in his shield, so there’s no one in patriotic colors to stand against the evil Cap?

Hydra are Nazis. Marvel has said so repeatedly on your own pages. They have always been, right up until people began raising concerns on the internet. Marvel’s response to concerns has been “no, wait and see, it’ll be awesome” — but it hasn’t. Your responses to the appropriate and reasonable criticism has been to scoff and sneer at other loyal readers and fans, calling them out of touch or unwilling to handle a new edgy style of storytelling.

I can’t in good faith just wait and see what Marvel will do next to support these terrible choices. Captain America has now been a Cosmic Cube-altered secret Hydra agent from Steve Rogers’ childhood for a year. Rather than accept that the decision was a bad one and the sales were showing slippage in response as readers voted with their wallets, the company doubled down and has now released Secret Empire — a multiple title crossover event. History has been revised so the Allies lost World War II, effectively tossing out the sacrifices of the brave people who fought it, including your own Captain America’s original creators! Captain America was created specifically as anti-Nazi, anti-fascism, and for the sake of edgy, Marvel has perverted everything the character stands for.

Once Cap was a role model. No parent can walk into a comic store now with their child to bond over Captain America. He’s a bad guy now. The worst of the bad guys: a Nazi.

It feels like the company is cheerfully selling out the values on which they based Captain America just for shock. It looks like your company is blithely embracing anti-Semitism while denying it is anti-Semitism at all because it’s fiction. In this day and age when real life Nazis are trying to reclaim power, emboldened by the results of the 2016 Presidential election, this move seems not only poorly planned, but also actively hostile to every Marvel reader who comes from a marginalized or oppressed group. As if Captain America weren’t enough of a terrible path to go down, Marvel has also chosen to retcon Magneto — Holocaust survivor Magneto — into a Hydra villain.

I also understand that you killed two marginalized characters — lesbians — in the zero issue of Secret Empire and Thunderbolts #12 just as you killed a marginalized character in Civil War II.

To all appearances, Marvel is trying to serve two opposing concerns, one of which actively seeks the destruction of the other.

I want to defend Marvel because I have been a loyal reader effectively all my life, but it’s becoming impossible. I can’t say anything in defense of Captain America, Secret Empire or Magneto. They’re abhorrent; we fought a war to prevent Naziism and fascism from overtaking the world. I can only support the titles which do not embrace anti-Semitism, revisionist history, and further oppressing the already marginalized. Comic books are supposed to be escapism. There is no escape when the comics provide a twisted reflection that is too much like the worst the real world is already giving us.

I will not support with my hard earned dollars — and as a woman, I assure you they are hard-earned — any of the Secret Empire titles or storylines. I’m not buying the series or its crossovers. I am encouraging my friends, family and readers to withhold their support as well.

I can and will only support the comics that respectfully and thoughtfully provide diversity and representation.

I expect, given the cyclic nature of comics, that Hydra Cap will be about as permanent a change as Superior Spider-Man was; unfortunately you may have done your brand irreversible harm by then.

Thank you for your time. I’ll be here next new comics Wednesday, and next month, but only for the titles that don’t disrespect other marginalized people and myself.



reader since 1979

under duress since 2016


cc: various social media

PS: After sending the paper copy of this, I read that April 19 is the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Jewish Uprising, in which Warsaw Jews fought back against the Nazis trying to wipe them out on Passover eve, which makes this anti-Semitic series by Marvel a whole order of magnitude more disgusting and unconscionable.
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Favorite Actress- Natalie Dormer (February 11, 1982)

“I get accused of having a haughty smugness. I have a lopsided mouth. I can’t help it. I was born with it. It looks as if I am smirking. I have had my publicist tell me, ‘Don’t do that smile on the red carpet.’ I’m like, ‘That’s my smile.’”
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Well, anyone?

Also, Vanessa, is that you? This seems like such a Vanessa ask.
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WRONG. It can still be seen as queerbaiting the audience if the character or ship in question only exists as a token, and then is ultimately erased from the story for shock value in a way that suggests expressing who they are has consequences. Ever heard of Clexa?

thank you for allowing me this opportunity to expand on my point at length, because i’m not wrong.

fandom has existed for a very long time. it is its own culture, with its own customs and behaviours and language. this last one, language, is the key issue i want to focus on here, because fandom has its own language, just like any other culture. and that means that, just like all other cultures, language shifts, evolves, and outright changes.

what that doesn’t mean is that, without intention, terms WITH AN ESTABLISHED MEANING are used to mean something completely different. shifts in meaning occur for a lot of reasons, but there IS A REASON. that reason might be humour, it might be ignorance, it might be education, it might be that the concept a word encompasses expands.

“queerbaiting” didn’t originate in fandom. the word was first used to describe members of the police force “baiting” gay men into revealing themselves as queer by indicating they were available for sexual activity, only to arrest the men once they had indicated they were interested. this is a pretty specific scenario that has obvious connection to the components of the word itself.

fandom had adopted this term by at least the late 90s as a pretty direct transposition of the entire scenario being described. in the place of police we have media creators, but the idea was still the same: engaging in conduct meant to lead queer people to believe the media was queer.

the issue of what conduct constitutes queerbaiting is heavily debated, but the end point remains the same: the media was only meant to make viewers THINK it was queer, without ever making it explicit.

now. when you are talking about doing something to make queer (or queer-interested) people watch your media, queerbaiting as described above obviously falls within that “something” category. but so does having actual queer characters. and if we start using the term queerbaiting to encompass the entire concept of attracting queer (-interested) viewers, you lose all nuance as to the ways in which people tend to fuck us over.

what’s happening with queer women on television at the moment is fucking atrocious, and it deserves to be loudly decried as publicly as possible. but when i level accusations of fucking me over at shows like rizzoli and isles or once upon a time, i absolutely do not want to conflate that with shows murdering their queer characters. because that is way fucking worse, to be honest, and it should explicitly be called out as such. adopting the term queerbaiting here not only has the effect of diminishing the harm done by those who engage in it as defined above, but it muddies the actual issue of concern. it doesn’t matter that they made us watch, it matters that they keep murdering us, whether we’re watching or not.
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(ノ^о^)ノ (ノ^о^)ノ malese + her adorable little cute kitten appreciation. 

@malesejow: all I need in this life of sin, is me n my kitten
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Apr. 20th, 2017 04:29 pm
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Apr. 20th, 2017 05:14 pm
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Apr. 20th, 2017 06:09 pm
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Unfollow me if you make fun of trans people’s pronouns or their identity

And unfollow me if you think it’s acceptable to misgender them just because you don’t like them as a person.

thank you for sacrificing followers to fight for me and many like me.

The door is to your right, don’t let it hit your butt on the way out👋🏼
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So I’ve started watching Leverage again…

#i think that eliot was supposed to be way more cultured and hipster at first#hence this scene#but then they just decided to go with country boy thug#which okay#but i still miss THIS eliot#leverage#favorite character alert

actualmenacebuckybarnes: okay but can’t he be both though? Like, okay, I get the backstory, as it’s been given to us, but this is my number one pet peeve about the perception of Southerners, country people and of violent characters generally.

Eliot Spencer is incredibly smart and very cultured. When other characters talk about pink collar jobs, Eliot corrects them and is far more aware of that sort of thing than they are (Sophie says ‘stewardess’, Eliot immediately tells her ‘flight attendant,’ etc.). He has a great knowledge of not just knife technique, which, okay, but wines, distillery, flavor composition, etc. He routinely passes as professions deemed higher class than that which is perceived to be his own (doctor, lawyer, accountant), and he uses his means of accomplishing tasks, violence, with skill and discernment and not mere force.

He also reads Nate better than anyone, including Sophie, and calls him on his bullshit directly all the time.

When we see Eliot interacting with the rest of the team, it’s not that he’s uncultured or less of a hipster trope, it’s that it reads different coming from him than say, Hardison because he has a Southern twang, a gravelly voice, and a tendency to punctuate with the word “damn it.” Which is a local dialectical thing, honestly, I do it, my mom’s boyfriend does it, a lot of people around here do it.

Eliot with the Leverage crew is Eliot relaxed. He’s code switching. When he knows something, he tells them, ‘it’s a very distinctive,’ which is like our tumblr shorthand ‘for reasons.’ They come to trust that when Eliot says ‘it’s a very distinctive’ he means, ‘It’s complicated and I know it from experience, but it’s not important enough for you to know that I have to explain, so move on.’ He doesn’t have to turn on his charm or put forth any sort of airs, they know him, they know how he operates, they know how he thinks, so he can just grumble and swear and threaten and keep working, so he’s happy.

He doesn’t like talking. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t like anything else, he just doesn’t like talking. Some people don’t. Doesn’t mean they don’t think, I mean, there’s that old proverb about removing all doubt, right?

I never see Eliot as a thug. I see him as a country boy hipster whose professional life is punching people in the face, and, aside from the resume, I know that guy. I went to school with that guy. I’ve banged that guy on multiple occasions. He’s a great guy.
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magnus bane +  text post meme
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#tfw you’re making painful headcanons with a friend 

@aperfectpalindrome @silveraspen @kiranwearsscienceblues
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Why do sorority girl pics always look like lesbian wedding announcements ????

I have not stopped thinking abt this

okay I am in the UK and my only knowledge of sororities comes from like, US teen movies and Buffy. So. I realise my perception is warped but. 

…are these NOT lesbian wedding announcements? I mean, c’mon guys. Lookit these adorable li’l lipstick lesbians. 
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jake peralta, bisexual human disaster
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