Apr. 17th, 2017

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wtf kind of combination of time, resources, energy, and dedication do your friends have to build an entire mini room in your room as a prank??

A bunch of my HS friends went to Kettering University, which is like 902% engineering majors. Spring semester their freshman year, this guy on their floor who they all really hated took a couple weeks off to go on some fancy rich dude vacation with his gf and her parents. The guys on the floor completely walled off his door and painted over it to match the rest of the hall. It looked like there had never been a room there. When the guy got back and demanded to know what had happened to his room, the other guys on the floor all acted like they had no idea what he was talking about and kept saying, “Don’t you live one floor down?”

Never underestimate what bored smart people will do.
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Let me tell you what happened to me an hour ago:

So I’m at the bus terminal and this guy (who’d been following me and hovering over me for 10 minutes) comes up to me and says “hey beautiful. Can I talk to you?” So I said “no thank you.” He goes “I just want to speak to you, though.”
And I said “yeah I know that and I’m not interested in talking to a strange man at a bus terminal. Please leave me alone.”
So he stands there watching me. Finally he says “listen, there’s no need to be difficult. I approached you politely like a gentleman so I don’t see why you’re saying no. Now just let me speak to you.”
I said “nobody’s being difficult my guy. You asked a question, I gave an answer so we’re done.”
Then he says “yeah but the answer you gave me made no sense. Why don’t you want to talk to me? You don’t know what kind of person I am. You’re judging me before you know me. You’re being ignorant and prejudiced so”-
Just then this other guy who’d been sitting close to me said “my nigga shut the fuck up! I saw you following her and stalking her like a fucking animal or some shit, like you didn’t think she didn’t notice? She’s probably scared of your predatory ass and I don’t blame her. Mans need to understand you don’t follow girls and shit. That shits corny.”
So the guy goes “yo, mind your fucking business.”
And the other dude says “nah because I see you harassing this girl and as a man this becomes my business. You thinking you were polite doesn’t mean a girl has to speak to you. Be nice because you’re nice, don’t use that please and thank you shit and think somebody has to speak to you. You’re not a “gentleman if you don’t respect her. Take the L and go catch your bus you fucking creep.”
So the guy starts swearing and then walks away. The guy who’d defended me is like “you okay tho? Like real talk I don’t really like men because of shit like that. They’re fucking predators man. I do what I can when I’m able to for women because you don’t deserve to be hunted.”

This is literally how you do it.

This. I can’t count how many times that men have been offended by my unwillingness to interact. They seem to think that saying “no disrespect meant, I’m a good guy” means that you are required to converse.

And they push and press after it is made abundantly clear that they’ve made you uncomfortable.

It’s scary. It isn’t flattering, she isn’t playing hard to get. It’s genuinely panic inducing to a woman that is alone. Don’t do this.

Definitely stand up and react if you see this happening, it can make all the difference.

‘because you don’t deserve to be hunted’
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Constantine (2005) dir Francis Lawrence

“I know I’m not one of your favorites. I’m not even welcome in your house. But, I could use a little attention.”

This may not have been a Hellblazer film (how many hours u got for me to tell you how wrong the casting for the man himself was?) but it’s fucking stunning in its own right. 

So I just watch it and pretend it’s got nothing to do with the comics. 
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he hide in own tentacles :w



Me when getting compliments


Actually me
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Brownie batter hummus 🤢🤢🤢 peak caucasity 


Hummus is a savoury thing. 

Like, roasted red pepper hummus I get.

Caramelised onion I get. (I hate it, but I get.)

Piri piri hummus I get.

This is just fucking……nope. 
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Nobody is talking about extermination. No one ever talks about it. They just do it. And you’ll go on with your lives ignoring the signs all around you. And then one day when the air is still and the night has fallen, they come for you. Then you realize, while you’re talking about organizing and committees, the extermination has already begun.
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the best moment in any media involving super heroes ever

I’ve seen this at least ten times on my dash and it never stops being funny

DID YOU KNOW: this is my favourite superhero moment in any medium ever
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Dwayne Johnson and Auli’i Cravalho on how to pronounce Auli’i Cravalho.
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If we’re going to update the pantheon of regrettable artists, can we add “white male writer who was legitimately progressive twenty years ago, but hasn’t learned or grown as an artist in any way whatsoever since then, and now exists in a state of grumpy bewilderment at the fact that he’s being critcised for doing exactly the same stuff that used to win him praise”?

That’s a long winded way of saying Joss Whedon
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person: you know the reasons people tend to become addicts are usually
person: ... mental illness, disability, poverty, abuse, isolation, and a bunch of other terrible shit
person: so you know what we should do to them?
person: lets fucking isolate them more, not treat them as human beings, and hope they fucking kill themselves.
person: this makes perfect and complete sense to me, i'm obviously a compassionate and concerned person about this whole drug problem.
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This has now happened more than once. Please stop.
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Let me set the scene for you a little. First of all, the catsuit made me HYPER AWARE of my body, and hyper aware of anyone in proximity of said body.  My body issues/food issues immediately reared their ugly heads and my mind started a long, silent monologue to me of every little thing I’d eaten in the past 48 hours. FUN! Mostly, I just feel WEIRD; if you haven’t had your entire body enclosed in tight cheap pleather for over 5 hours you are missing nothing! I knew the costume was a part of my job, but it’s hella strange to know that the people you work with everyday are never again going to have to ask themselves “I wonder what Stephanie’s butt ACTUALLY looks like?”

So I get to set , and immediately see Andy Samberg, who plays detective Jake Peralta on Brooklyn Nine Nine. Andy starts talking to me about the weekend, about the scene, just normal shooting-the-shit stuff. As soon as we start filming, he is utterly respectful and says not a damn thing about the costume. We joke that the set we are shooting on, a parked bus on a sound stage, is boiling hot. Andre Braugher, who plays Captain Ray Holt, joins in on our convo and then we three start laughing about something: I can’t remember what. What I do remember is how those two men made me feel. I felt utterly respected I their presence. I felt like an equal.

It dawned on me that I am super lucky. FDF’s don’t exists for everyone, and that’s a damn shame. It feels so epically good to know that the dude standing across from you respects you and wants you to know he does. And he’ll show it too! An FDF don’t mess around — he’ll make sure you KNOW how much he thinks of you as an equal. He’ll compliment you on what you say, not just how you look. He’ll listen to your ideas and thoughts, he won’t just brush you off like you don’t have anything important to voice. He won’t stare at your boobs even if they are RIGHT IN HIS FACE. Instead, he’ll stare at your face as he jokes with you about anything other than your boobs.

Women deserve to have those type of FDF’s. It’s hard enough to face a world that is constantly measuring your desirability without hearing those measurements come from the men in your life. I’m so utterly grateful for men like Andy and Andre. They always make me feel like an equal, and that’s what feminism is all about. Simply put, FDF’s treat you like you should be treated; as an equal. Even if you’re wearing a ridiculous pleather catsuit.


Stephanie Beatriz on wearing a pleather catsuit on set and her FDF’s: Feminist Dude Friends.
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As much as I love this show, it warms my heart SO MUCH MORE to know that Andy Samberg treats her with respect behind the scenes and off camera; he’s the main driving force behind this show, and his attitude towards women shapes not only the content of the show but also the surrounding environment for those women to work within- that’s an incredible amount of power and influence to have on a TON of people! To top it off, he’s a comedian, which means it would be so easy for him to just play subtle sexism off as ‘a joke’ like so many of them do. And he doesn’t take that easy, lazy road. So hats off to Andy and all the amazing people of Brooklyn 99 for making such a stellar show and being awesome people to boot!

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Honestly “queer” is so useful for people like me w/ a “complicated orientation” b/c instead of having to say I’m “asexual panromantic” and explain what that means, I can just say “I’m queer” and it tells you all you need to know (that I’m not straight).

yeah sure good for you but don’t ever ever use that word for someone who doesn’t identify as it themselves, it’s not an umbrella term for everyone. also “pan/ace” would definitely work, even if you don’t want to use it, other people could. i use ace lesbian and definitely not the q slur.

Wow its almost like they were just talking about using it on themselves for individual reasons and you butted in to be an ass and be condescending because you think you’re superior for not using queer, then you called their identity a slur right to them. But that can’t possibly be what you were trying to do, right?

Anyone is allowed to use it for themselves, I never said no one should do that if that’s what they want. Queer is a slur though. I just want people to be aware of that, I have no idea if OP is aware of that or not but some people using that word aren’t. I’m tired of people including me and other people who don’t want to be included in that word, and before anyone asks, I never meant that OP did that, because I literally have no idea if they do.

Queer is a slur as much as any other LGBT+ word, I just want you to be aware of that.

“Gay” is used as an insult. It is used to be demeaning. Its used to discriminate. And yet its used as the all mighty umbrella - gay rights, gay marriage, gay community - when discussing the entire community.

Gay gets used as a slur. Queer gets used as a slur. But I don’t walk up to gay people and say “your identity is a slur, you know that right” or get pissed when they say “the gay community” when they mean the whole community.

Personal identity and preference in terms, even harmful words that get used as slurs, are not questioned; except for the word Queer.

Queer gets shut down. Queer people get others in their faces saying “your identity is a slur!” Queer people don’t have the freedom to identify in a community, but are forced under other terms against their will due to hypocrisy and double standards.

So if you’re not going to come onto gay people’s posts for the same behavior, maybe critically analyze why exactly you feel the need to be so condescending to Queer people, specifically on posts that ONLY have to do with personal identity. Why you feel the need to insist to Queer people that their identities are slurs, to directly slap away the power of reclaiming a word from them by demanding it remain in the hands of the Straights as a perpetual slur.

I think an important difference between gay and queer is however, that queer started out as a slur used against members of the community and continues to be used as a slur in many places. Whereas gay began as a word the community chose itself to describe itself and was then later used by homophobes and heterosexuals in general in a negative way, meaning however, that gay doesn’t hold the same negative connotations as queer for many people simply because it was our word that they took, and not a word that they forced on us to make us “strange” or “other” like queer means.

That’s…. Not true. People think so because the history before gay was reclaimed is way older (older than any love community member’s lifetimes, probably,) but gay had the exact same origins.

It was meant to denote sexually perverse people, most frequently sex workers and those who hired them. Anyone who participated in anything but married, vanilla, straight sex might have been referred to as “gay,” including any suspected LGBT person.

The word (already being one frequently used on the community,) was reclaimed as a community identifier when the community wanted to disconnect from the clinical and diagnostic implications of “homosexual.”

There is record of queer being reclaimed and used as a personal identifier literally before the popularization of gay. Both words are reclaimed slurs with negative histories, and BOTH are used as slurs against the community still to this day.

The more recent history of the mid to late 20th century more prevalently favored queer as a slur, as is represented in our media. However its clearly undeniable that the switch back to gay as the popular community slur (along with the ever present f slur,) happened in the 2000s. Which is trying to be denied and rewritten by the anti queer crowd, who completely ignore the words popularity with community members who actually lived through when it was a popular slur.

Yes to all of this. When it comes to words for “not straight” there are hardly any choices that didn’t originate as ways to stigmatize or pathologize us. We are all using reclaimed slurs to describe ourselves. 

Also, queer is reclaimed in a particularly empowering way. It doesn’t just mean “same-sex attraction” but encompasses a whole spectrum of attractions and gender orientations. It’s a word that says to asexuals, pansexuals, bisexuals, trans folks, genderfluid and genderqueer and genderless folks and people who are still figuring themselves out, “hey, you’ve got a home here. We don’t need to categorize you to love you.” 

This is important because there are a lot of divisions within the LGBTQ+ world, and in particular cis gay men and cis lesbians often overlook or exclude trans, bi and asexual people. Queer is the only word that not only demands equal acceptance for everyone, but leaves the door open for words and descriptors that haven’t even been invented yet. 

Somebody else pointed this out earlier to me, and of course I’ve lost the post, but it’s really suspicious that of all the reclaimed slurs, the one that gets the most pushback is the one that is most radically accepting of all identities

“hey, you’ve got a home here. We don’t need to categorize you to love you.”

Lmao yeah! the pushback against this idea is overt and disgusting and I don’t trust anybody who perpetuates it. 

Queer is an ideology and an identity, historically and now. It is an umbrella for that ideology and an umbrella for those identities, historically and now. They can’t be conflated (with LGBT) and it’s super fucking disingenuous to pretend one is just the tarnished besmirched dirty slur version of the other. They’re different. In my particular work for example, Queer bioethics is different from LGBT bioethics and conflating the two will muddle any discussion you try to have about them because they lead to literally opposite conclusions in some cases. 

Yeah I freaking love pancakes

Wait wrong post

By far the best addition to this post

This is one of those things where I feel like an old. Like, *the* slogan I associate with pride is, “We’re here, we’re queer – get used to it!” There was a TV show called “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” that was total mainstream pap. (Not that the show wasn’t riddles problematic elements from the concept out, but ‘queer’ in the title was clearly meant as a positive.)I just have a hard time processing queer as anything but reclaimed.

They actually shot “Queer As Folk” in my city!

TERFs and radical gender/sexuality bianarists are flooding social media and blogging sites with propaganda smearing the word queer in the hopes of silencing all of us who don’t identify with their hate politics. I fought hard to reclaim the word queer in the late 80s and early 90s, and it’s the one word that doesn’t worship exclusion. Which is why these people are trying to convince you not to use it. fuck that noise. there is literally no word i could use to identify my sexuality that hasn’t been thrown at me in hatred, fear, and violence. No way am I giving up the one of those that allows me to talk about all of my community without trying to put people in boxes they don’t fit in.

I will never not reblog this post. Queer, queer, queer here. 

“Queer” has been claimed by queer people as a self-descriptor since at least 1910. It’s an insult to those historical people (and all the generations of queer historical people who have identified as queer since then) to pretend that the people using it as a slur owned it more than the queer people who used it as a self-descriptor.

Source: George Chauncey, “Gay New York,” page 101

They don’t want us to use queer because they don’t want to be lumped in with anyone who’s not cis gay or cis lesbian. So fine. You don’t like the word queer? You don’t want to be in the “queer” community? Get the fuck out, then. Y'all don’t welcome us in your community anyway, so we’ll just have our own.

And it’ll be queer as fuck.

I fucking love the word queer ❤
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i used to think that a foot of parchment was a lot and feel bad when harry potter characters were assigned to write that much

but then i realized the paper i write on is 8.5 by 11 inches.

so a foot of parchment is the equivalent of like, a page and a half of paper.

they complained SO MUCH about essays that were like

a page and a half

wtf guys

get your shit together

No wonder Hermione always got onto the boys for not doing their homework.

it’s honestly not even a foot and a half it’s just one sheet of paper. a foot is 12 inches. like dang if i had to only write one page long essays in school about cool magic shit then i would have been ecstatic.

also 12pt times new roman— the standard assigned size and font for a lot of essay assignments— produces significantly smaller text than a muggleborn teenageer with a pen and ink quill would be able to manage on the regular, no matter how dedicated she was. ron and harry are frequently noted to be using large handwriting on unlined paper. their homework would have been about three short paragraphs if they were feeling studious. 

no wonder hermione was so fucking exasperated! muggle students their age would have strangled them. 

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So at the end of Prisoner of Azkaban, Sirius says to Hermione, “You really are the brightest witch of your age,” with an emphasis on the “are,” implying that someone previously had told him that Hermione was super fucking smart and he was just then affirming it

But like, who told him that? He didn’t really get a chance to talk to Harry or Ron or Lupin between “I didn’t kill your parents” and “oh shit werewolf” and “I’m about to get the dementor’s kiss.”

So I like to think that it was Crookshanks who told him, coz Crookshanks and Padfoot were friends, right? I can imagine Crookshanks just going on and on about Hermione, like “My human is the best human, she’s so smart and lovely and perfect, just wait till you meet her, I love her so much”


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