Jan. 29th, 2017

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ummmm???? do people forget that hitler’s rise to power didn’t START with the holocaust??? like it wasn’t like day one he became chancellor and said “okay from now on, all jews are going to be put into camps”. it started so much more subtle than that. he started with quietly and subtly removing jewish people from civil services, from government positions, then from the entertainment industry, then from being on radio, then from medicine and sciences, then from not letting them go to university, THEN the nuremberg laws that officially classified jewish people as outcasts. THEN Kristallnacht. THEN ghettos. and then THEN the rounding up into camps. this all happened over a span of YEARS.

dictatorship doesn’t arrive with a slimy red bow, dripping with venom. it comes promising to make your country better by putting the blame conveniently on the backs of people that are easy targets and slowly raises the temperature on them until it reaches a boiling point. make no mistake. these ARE the signs of fascism. don’t pretend that there’s an overreaction when there really REALLY isn’t.

Wannseekonferenz. The day the “final solution” was set into motion. 20th January 1942. Three years into WWII. Nine years after Hitler seized power. 

Watch Conspiracy. It’s an absolutely amazing, horrifying film. I very rarely watch it. But it….just so perfectly drives home the horror and the detachment of what happened at the Wannsee conference. It shows you how a group of people could reach that point. How a government could treat their citizens as sub-human. 

It’s not a comfortable viewing experience. But fuck, it’s important. 
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Attention Tumblr! The ACLU is evidently looking for volunteer translators, on the ground or remote, especially those who can translate into any of the following:



Arabic (especially Syrian dialects)


This call’s by way of a friend of my sister’s who’s working with DREAMers in the DC area, so while I don’t have sources I can link it seems fairly reliable. She says to contact your local ACLU chapter if you are able and willing to help.

(Even if you can’t help, please signal boost. This is to help lawyers fielding the current immigration debacle, so it’s very much a current need.)
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I love every single person who reblogged this

I don’t think people realize how much of an impact this kind of support can have, I don’t think everyone knows what these little things can mean to us.

It may just be me, I don’t know. But every single time I see this on my dash or on someone’s blog or anywhere else, I kind of just breathe a sigh of relief. That’s one more person who cares. That’s one more person who doesn’t hate me.

Because it means so much, especially when all the media is spewing out is that I’m a terrible person and no one wants people like me near them. It means so much because I’m tired of people who won’t sit next to me in class, or who choose to join the longer line at the grocery store because they don’t want to be beside me and my family. It means so much when I have to lift my head any time someone says the words Islam or Muslim because I’m scared that they’ll say something that’ll hurt, when I have to pay attention to the news because who knows what so and so is saying now, who knows which of my people are being attacked now, who knows what’s going to happen to me now.

It means so much because I’ve been given the idea that the world is against me. And a huge part of it may be, but at least I’ve been reminded that some of it, just a small group of people, acknowledges that I’m a person too. That people like me are just that, people.

Maybe it’s just me, I don’t know. But now you do, so thank you for believing that I’m human when so many people don’t.

Have a great day x

Go unfollow this blog all you want, I am reblogging this. 

I am aware this does not follow this blog’s style, however, I find it necessary to reblog this
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Ruth Negga and Natalie Portman on the cover of W Magazine
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Meet Betsy DeVos, Trump’s pick for Secretary of Education. She funds an institute that wants to bring back child labor and get rid of public education.

Betsy DeVos is from my area (West Michigan) and let me tell you: she comes from not one, but two of the most corrupt, entitled, extreme conservative families in the area.

Something else, that I feel like people really should be aware of is that our state government (led, of course, by Rick Snyder of the ongoing Flint Water Crisis) just stated that literacy is not a right.

Yeah.  Literacy is not a right.

What happened is that some students in Detroit tried to sue the state because they have been denied access to literacy (through disinvestment and indifference to Detroit’s public schools).  And the official response is that state legislation only requires that there be a system of free public schools.  So yeah, there are schools.  Schools without money or resources.  But they’re there, and literacy is not a right (apparently).

Meanwhile, Betsy DeVos is a huge supporter of charter schools.  Which means that she’s strongly anti-public school.  She never went to public school, nor did any of her children.

Also: the DeVos family contributed over $9 million to the Tr*mp campaign.

How is this the real world

How are we living in a world where wretched worthless gutter trash like this vile piece of TRASH are allowed to hold ANY form of position in government

She literally thinks child slave labour is an amazing idea

That’s not a thing a normal person thinks, that’s the viewpoint of a villain in a movie where the hero is a dog


This is a phrase I’m going to come back to a lot in 2017.

This is your occasional reminder that my grandfather was a ‘picker’ in a coal mine and joined the Navy in order to get our family out of the mines. My great-grandfather was a coal miner and a farmer.
This isn’t a life anyone should want for their family, and it’s infuriating to hear this. It makes me want to scream in her face. My grandfather’s heart gave out far too early due to the things he had to do at too young an age. (That’s not my opinion, that’s the opinion of his doctors.)
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At the end of last year, I wrote a post about how I hadn’t been tracking my reading in 2016 at all and wanted to start again in 2017. But when I published that post, I hadn’t quite figured out what that tracking would look like. Would I be utilizing Goodreads again? Litsy? What stats would I care about? What wouldn’t I care about?

The 2017 Read Harder Challenge lit a fire under my butt and seeing the overwhelming enthusiasm for the annual project (even though this year’s is admittedly more difficult that past year’s challenges) motivated me to figure out how I’d be keeping track of my reading this year.

Enter: Google Sheets. Using Amanda’s log (and a log that Swapna shared though I can’t figure out where) as a guideline, I created the ultimate reading spreadsheet (click on that link for the template and save to your own Google Drive to make changes).

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I am 100% behind an all cat production of Pride and Prejudice

@sashayed (I considered not tagging you because you’ve almost certainly seen this before)


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