Jan. 19th, 2017

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the new astrology is the french revolutionary calendar 

reblog w whatever agricultural thing corresponds to your birthday




Moss?? I love moss

Amaranthe! I approve.

Pitchfork, didn’t expect that but they’re useful as tools and weapons.

Roller. ¬_¬
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A classic case of “I don’t care about your rights but once they wronged me, it’s over”

Was I supposed to feel sorry for her?

I just saw her tonight being interviewed on tv saying her and many other people she knows have buyers remorse and were infuriated when Trump nominated Mnuchin. She added “instead of draining the swamp, he’s filled it with alligators” and I’m just like 

I think this tweet pretty much sums it up

The full article: http://ift.tt/2gghogS

More Trump supporters regretting their life decisions: http://ift.tt/2gd2xUD

I have absolutely ZERO sympathy for Trump voters who are now appalled at the decisions he’s making.

Congrats fuckers, you played yourselves.

And the thing is, this is exactly what happened with Brexit.

The number of people who regret voting to leave the EU is now greater than the margin of the Brexit victory

There’s a term for it: Bregret.

And there’s endless accounts of them

I knew there’d be a similar situation with the US elections. I just wish you’d all learnt from us. The minute Trump sided with Brexit, was endorsed by Farage, I knew. 
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Carrie was an utter gift.

You know that she did this in the spirit of “NO ONE WILL EVER BELIEVE YOU”, what a damn gem

I just realised. She had anxiety, right? And was in a situation where she’d be meeting hundreds of people and having lots of little interactions that would be hugely meaningful to them and they might be hurt if she didn’t talk to them or couldn’t remember them if she met them later on that day?

And she found a way to do something meaningful and adorable with them which didn’t require her to talk AND meant she had a built-in way to recognise who she’d had the interaction with already.
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snape could’ve been an awesome teacher if he wasn’t a disgusting waste of a human being. he knew from age 16 that the instuctions that the textbooks were giving weren’t as good as they could be. he improved the potions and recorded his methods at age 16. if he weren’t such a shitbag, he could’ve either written the damn textbooks himself, or taught his students his alternate methods. he could’ve revolutionized how potions were being brewed, teaching whole generations a superior method of potion brewing. instead, he spent his time bullying children. 

He could have become rich and famous and been one of the most well regarded wizards of his age with his knowledge of spells and potions

But instead he decided “The girl i hurled racial slurs at put me in the Friend Zone so I’m gonna go become a Magic Nazi and then spend the remainder of my adult years emotionally abusing twelve year olds”

He could have become everything a Slytherin should have been instead of the epitome of what everyone else thinks they are.

Severus Snape’s life is like a guide to what NOT to do

Why Snape isn’t the hero everyone thinks he is. Also why Harry’s second kid should have been named after Hagrid and Neville.
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It’s like millennials do not understand that middle east has been at war for 1000′s of years. That we intervened on behalf of Kuwait. That without “bombing” people that want to kill and oppress others, millions will be murdered and tortured.

“at war for 1000′s of years”

you clearly know nothing about Afghanistan nor the middle east

here’s Afghanistan in the 1950′s, 60′s, & 70′s

if you really want to know what caused all the instability & growth of extremist groups I suggest you take a look at the US foreign policy towards Afghanistan during the 80′s

It’s interesting to note that when the communist government came to power in Afghanistan in the late 70′s, one of the first things they did was declare equality of the sexes, made education for girls mandatory, & banned child marriages. The conservative tribal leaders who the US armed & funded (& who later became the Taliban) declared this to be a “war on Islam” & fought against the central government.

The US had no problem back then with encouraging the growth of Islamic conservatism to counter socialism/communism. You created your biggest enemy & you have no one to blame but yourselves.


its crazy to me how the US talks about war in the middle east as if its this ancient problem inherent to the area instead of a recent problem created by western countries to further their own interests.


the CIA took out the democratically elected leader of Iran in the 1970s over oil and that set off an entire chain of events leading to ISIS, here’s more about multiple other countries we’ve fucked over 
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Without revealing your actual age, what something you remember that if you told a younger person they wouldn’t understand?

Staying up late waiting for the really good shows to come on is more emotionally rewarding than being able to watch whatever you want whenever you want.

Having to be on Channel 3 to play videogames.

Rewinding a VHS tape and watching the characters jump about crazily in reverse to rewatch a show, instead of restarting like a DVD.

Begging your parents to get cable so you can watch high school musical on disney channel and stop being a social outcast at school

Not being able to watch Doctor Who because BBC America only showed the specials and SyFy only played Series 4 on a loop, so having to watch it in pieces on YouTube quickly before YouTube found it and took it down.

Being able to fill my tank for $5. 

Passive-aggressive AIM away messages.

Also? Napster. So much Napster.

Not being able to watch Doctor Who because PBS was running a FUCKING PLEDGE DRIVE, and they moved it to 0200 Monday from 1600 Sunday.

Getting hooked on All Creatures Great and Small (and Peter Davidson as Tristan) as a consequence.

Only being able to watch cartoons on Saturday morning - that animated opening for Soul Train meant they were over for the week!

Missing an episode of a show and not knowing when or even if it would be repeated.

Video rental stores with $50 annual membership fees (on top of rental fees).

Friday Night Videos.

The excitement of being connected to the Real Internet and not just a local BBS.

The pain of having to wait for someone’s really complicated customized myspace page load on a dial-up modem. 

Also that horrible feeling when you hear the VCR make a HORRIBLE noise. You are never watching that tape again and no amount of trying to put the innards of the tape back will save it.

Vampire Clamps.

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, start.

the sound of the computer connecting to the internet scared the shit out of me the first ten times I heard it

Being completely let down by this product

Having to go to the video store and renting a VCR along with whatever VHS movie you wanted to watch on it because VCRs were so expensive.

Breathing in the fumes of your parents getting Leaded gas bc Unleaded was newfangled nonsense.

Having to work out which complicated line of emoticons and song lyrics was the friend you wanted to talk to on msn in the 20 minute slot that you were allowed to use the one clunky pc in the house.

Through the arcane magic of HitClips, you could recreate the experience of having only this one part of a song stuck in your head, only it would be on your OWN terms

Also if you had any more than one or two of the song clip cartridge things attached to the music player at a time, the whole situation would be comically bulky and hard to deal with… it was like the precursor to those people that put way too many charms on their cell phones

Pausing and rewinding casettes so you can write the lyrics down. Pen pals. The feeling of handling your family’s first mobile phone that was big and bulky and probably weight like 0.5kg

Dia projectors at school, dad’s electric typing machine thing that had green screen and saved to floppy discks. Printed and badly translated internet conspiracies friends sent for dad via normal mail since internet was nonexistant behind large cities. First movable modems, the search for good connection hot spot so we could use youtube (only when the weather was nice and we were on top of a hill).

Those fucking goddamn wind jackets everyone had. Home joga videos. Barbies you can take clothes off.

Paying $25 ($40ish today) for a VHS tape that contained two anime episodes.

Physical chain letters. The giant ass computer that could take 5-10 minutes to load pages. Lisa Frank, Lisa Frank everywhere. Nickolodeon was a great network with a huge variety of programs that catered to a wide audience.

Typing in Video-Plus codes into your VCR to record stuff off one of the five free channels you got if you didn’t have satellite. (Sometimes it was only four if you didn’t get the signal in your area).

Having to constantly readjust your external tv aerial to get the best signal in bad weather.

C:\> run.exe

Parking the hard drive.

No Internet. No mobile phones.


The sound of a dot-matrix printer in action. (They’re still used for some applications, but I’m happy to say
not in this household.)

Tearing the perforated edges off (perifory, we called it) then tearing the output into separate pages while hoping you wouldn’t tear one of them as well.

The fun part was watching the cats play in the perifory afterwards.

Pressing Button B on an old-style public phone in hope of getting someone’s forgotten change. Since the coins were usually no more than pennies or an occasional threepenny bit, it happened more often than you’d think (but was still enough for a bar of chocolate back then.)

School milk.

No fees for university tuition.

Being able to buy a house in good, livable condition, in a city, for £40k.

“Training provided, no experience needed”

sitting hunched over the hifi between 4pm and 7pm on a Sunday night listening to the top 40 chart, fingers poised over the ‘pause’ and ‘record’ buttons, trying to record all my favourite songs onto a tape. 


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