Jan. 4th, 2017

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The reason I hate the “Shakespeare didn’t actually write Shakespeare” theories so much is they seem to be inherently rooted in taking his works away from ordinary people. “The son of a glovemaker could never have written these plays! Surely only an Aristocratic Intellectual, like the Earl of Oxford, could be responsible!“ 

Honestly fuck off. Shakespeare was one of us. His plays were written for the masses. He was an ordinary man who captured the voice of the people and the depths of their emotions. We credit Shakespeare with making up words and phrases, but who’s to say he wasn’t writing down what he heard on the streets? "But something as complex as Hamlet could never have been written by Shakespeare! It must have been the work of a nobleman!” Well guess what, not only did he write it, but he wrote it because that’s what his audience liked. The hordes of ordinary people consumed his deeply philosophical play about a young man musing over life and death and sin and they LOVED it. 

Shakespeare was a crowd-pleaser and an entertainer, and reason his work is so beautiful and poetic and philosophical (as well as bloody and sexual!) is because he was responding to popular demand. Most people attending the theatre were illiterate; they consumed literature by listening, and this is one of the reasons why playwrights utilised iambic pentameter and rhyming schemes. Their dialogue is poetry, and it’s beautiful to listen to. The first time Romeo and Juliet meet, their shared dialogue creates a sonnet. Imagine a commoner sitting in the crowd listening to that, and it hits him like an arrow, wow, listen to the way these characters speak, this is love at first sight. 

Shakespeare was an ordinary man, and the beauty and complexity of his works were fuelled largely by the appetite of ordinary people. Although plays could be written and performed for the aristocracy, it was the hordes at the theatres that one had to keep happy. This modern obsession with putting him on a pedestal and trying to make him high culture or inaccessible to ordinary people is just gross. This upstart crow will always be one of us, and his work will always be for us.

Just to add on a bit, I was an English major, and I remember once in college, my linguist professor was discussing Shakespeare, and how he created new words. She said that linguists have studied the languages of the 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries, and they’ve basically come to the conclusion that Shakespeare didn’t invent these new words, at all. They theorize that he actually picked up these words from young women who would use them, as slang speech. Slang speech in these centuries can be found in letters young women wrote to each other, with the slang coming from them shortening words, in order to write faster. Of course, women’s ways of talking have constantly been looked down upon throughout society, but here’s an article from Smithsonian, discussing the fact that young women throughout history have shaped language, and continue to do so. They say that what holds men back (men trail by about a generation) is the fact that they make fun of the way in which women talk.

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anyone else get a fuzzy-restless feeling when you need to do something but your brain won’t focus on anything and you’re silently begging yourself to just do one thing but instead you’re scrolling tumblr even though you don’t even want to be … it’s like your head is filled with heavy electric cotton like you’re both uncomfy and unable to stop
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Watch: “Flying While Fat” is the short documentary on YouTube you NEED to watch showing what plus size people go through when they travel by air

If the plane doesn’t physically accommodate your body type, flying can turn from an uncomfortable experience into a humiliating one. That’s why London-based artist Stacy Bias made the new documentary Flying While Fat: to get to the heart of just how pervasive people’s fat phobia on planes is.

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LISTEN. I felt this so hard flying to and from Florida.

I know exactly what she’s talking about.

I feel this so hard. the fear I have about flying now can’t be contained. I would never have made it overseas without @sharpestrose next to me, I was so grateful for her support. but even with a friend who I love and trusted the overwhelming fear and judgement other passengers….my god it’s already hard on public transport. on planes, it makes me want to die.

I struggled to fasten my seatbelt on my recent trip to New Orleans. The man next to me was already giving me dirty looks because I was not shrinking enough for his comfort; I wasn’t brave enough to ask for a seatbelt extender and ended up with an uncomfortably tight seatbelt that stopped me from getting comfy enough to sleep.
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My mum has an issue with Newt Scamander’s name because Scamander sounds like salamander and a salamander is a type of newt but I am 300% sure that it is not a coincidence since it comes from the woman that brought us Wolf Raised-by-Wolves the werewolf and Dog Black the black dog
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I’m serious

Okay so this is one of the WEIRDEST FUCKING THINGS humanity has stumbled upon in science and it gives me a nerd boner that can be seen from Alpha Centauri.

As far as we can tell, this fucking thing generates reactionless thrust. Let that shit sink in: The EM Drive does not require fuel. Only electrical power.

It might be warping space. Emphasis on might because nobody fucking knows right now.

Okay I know I said it already but AS FAR AS WE CAN TELL THIS IS A !!REACTIONLESS!! !!THRUST!! !!DEVICE!! you have no idea just how goddamn amazing that is

mark my words this fucking thing is going to REVOLUTIONIZE the design of satellites and scientific probes

and just think of the potential it might have if its thrust increases proportionately to the power fed into it


Reblogging this just to restate how fucking huge this is.

Imagine you blow air into a balloon and tie it off. Then when you untie it, you let the balloon go and it flies all over the place. This is how propulsion works. This is what Newton’s Third Law is based on. That the air is coming out and pushing the balloon forward.

The EM drive is moving forward when the balloon is still tied off at the end.

I heard about this theorized not some time ago and thought it was amazing!

The fact that it’s been thoroughly peer-reviewed and still stands up is nothing short of absolutely astounding.

This device works, and no one is quite sure how or WHY it does. It defies our current understanding of why physics work the way the way they do. Which mean basically means that we need to re-evaluate and refine our laws of physics because we have discovered empirical evidence that we’ve got something wrong. And trying to fix our math to accurately describe the universe is going lead to new discoveries about the fundamental nature of reality. IT’S MIND BLOWING.

Not to mention this device itself, if we can elaborate and expand on it, will change how we do propulsion. This might the next stage of propulsion technology. To the people a few decades in the future, combustion engine propulsion technology will seem as silly, outdated, and quaint as steam propulsion or horse-drawn carriages seem to us.


god I’m such a nerd

This is hugely important stuff. A lot of reports on this thing talk about how it “breaks the laws of physics,” but this is an inaccurate oversimplification. The reality of it is much more profound. If this thing indeed works, and the results we’ve gotten thus far can’t be explained by some sort of experimental error, it will redefine our understanding of physics. In other words, the laws of physics aren’t being “broken,” we’ve just been wrong about physics the entire time.


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