Jan. 1st, 2017

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Can’t believe that the devil put all his energy into 2016.

It’s like he had an assignment due jan 1, 2017 And forgot until now

the more you know: many christians in italy actually believe this. 
I noticed it on facebook where on news posts would occasionally pop up someone saying “just a little bit more, we just have to bear it for a little more” and I was like ??? but then I did some research and found out that 2016 is believed to be the last year of satan’s 100 years of free reign on the earth (the thing was caused by one of the bets that god and satan tends to do occasionally, and that pope Leo XIII saw in a vision in 1884). one of the sources spreading the theory is HERE, but of course it’s all in italian. some points are: 
- During a vision in 1820, it was revealed to Blessed Anna Katharina Emmerick that Satan would have been freed from the chains about eighty years before the year 2000. This period of freedom for the fallen angel would last a century.
-  This is confirmed by a message from Madonna of Medjugorje given to the seers in April 24, 1982 
-  Further confirmation comes from a vision seen by Pope Leo XIII described as follows: On the morning of October 13, 1884–

I can translate the rest, if someone is curious to know the details. but yeah xD *nods and leaves* 

My mom is like, high-key into Catholic visionaries and such, so I can confirm this is a real theory.

Makes sense. WWI let him loose and it took him a while to gather steam but then he had a really big debut in the thirties. And if the math is precise then it’ll end in 2020, the same year that we have a new presidential election and, coincidentally, my student loan payments end. 

Here’s why I’m not so thrilled about the idea: how exactly is he getting re-imprisoned and what kinda shit is it gonna take for that to happen? Because one of the most brutal and traumatic wars in the history of mankind seems to be what set him loose.

I mean, I’m happy to dust off my Latin and dig out a bell, book, and candle, but I imagine it’ll take a bit more violence than that.

Has anyone ever banished Satan to hell, historically? I suppose we could make a study of paintings of St. George and the Dragon, or go on a Grail quest, but if that’s what’s happening I’m going to need a Kickstarter.

Pretty sure it involves a bet and a gold fiddle.

Better get 20 banjos ready.

I have a ukulele and the will to fuck some shit up. Let’s do this.
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John Oliver gives 2016 the proper fucking send off it deserves
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Lightsaber Vigil for Carrie Fisher
(Downtown Disney | 12.28.16)I was fortunate enough to be at Disneyland yesterday and was able to participate in this moving tribute.
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As difficult as it will be, please try to keep your hands out of your pants until after you read this.

My name is Shane. Many of you know me, some of you don’t, and a couple of you only follow me to ask daily anon questions about my sex life (super creepy btw). For those of you who don’t know me, I’m the skinny dude with wilting flower wrists munching on pizza in the picture above.

See the position that I’m in? With my right hand cocked up under my chin, using my left thumb to hold my hand in place?

This is how I have to chew food these days.

I was born with a disease called spinal muscular atrophy that makes my muscles waste away as I get older. As you can see, the deterioration affects my arms and legs, but it also means my lungs are losing their ability to breathe. My jaw is losing its ability to speak. Some days, my neck has trouble supporting the weight of my own head.

As I’ve lost ability, I’ve been forced to adapt the way I do everyday things, such as eat. You can’t tell by looking at me here, but this downward progression is a monster to live with, both mentally and physically.

My issues with chewing began in 8th grade, when my mouth suddenly stopped working during lunch in the school cafeteria one day. I was mid-bite on a massive beef burrito, so when my mouth failed to function, I had to spit everything out onto the plastic tray in front of me. It was like a volcanic explosion of sour cream and cheese and salsa and spit. My friends looked at me with total shock and confusion. In my embarrassment, I muttered something about choking and tried to laugh it off.

It didn’t go away though, and over the next few months, I found myself repeatedly unable to chew the food in my mouth.

Instead of giving up and wallowing in yet another ability lost because of my disease, I adapted. By jamming my arms up under my jaw as you see in the picture, I was able to assist my mouth with the chewing motion. At first it was embarrassing. I felt ridiculous in this position, so I often chose not to eat in public rather than use my new method. But eventually, I decided that eating and enjoying food were more important parts of life than strangers giving me quizzical glances. That was about ten years ago, and I’ve been eating like a deformed kangaroo ever since.

The fun part is that my disease is going to keep getting worse, and I’ll continue to lose the abilities I currently have. For instance, in the past year, it has started becoming harder to even get my arms into the “eating position,” so my girlfriend and I are already experimenting with new methods. We’ll figure it out, I’m sure of that, but the mental implications of constantly getting weaker make some days rougher than others. Living with muscular dystrophy means constantly finding alternative ways to thrive.

I want to ask all of you a favor tonight. As many of you know, I run a nonprofit organization that provides adaptive equipment to people living with my disease. These are items that give independence back, and help people maintain important abilities, like moving, eating, breathing, and sleeping.

This December, I’m trying to give adaptive technology to eight kids living with muscular dystrophy.

All I’m asking is that you share this post. You guys have helped me accomplish some pretty spectacular things in the past five years, and I’m hoping you know this cause is so fucking important to me that you will want to lend a hand.

If you do wish to support the campaign, you can do that here: http://ift.tt/2haDhS7 but the power of a reblog is just as helpful!

Thank you so much :)
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Just a casual reminder that Jennifer Lawrence is a horrible person who mocks and disrespects the culture of the disenfranchised

JFC how could you not even be aware of how asinine you’re being?

ok but chris pratt pressing his fists

he was ready

Didn’t Chris Pratt used to live in Hawaii before he got famous?

He did! He was also homeless during that time of his life.

that’s….that’s fucking disgusting


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